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Artist: Danny!
Album:  The College Kicked-Out
Song:   I'm Movin' Out
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[Danny! talking]
There you go again
Always got somethin' to say
Man I can't take this no more, I'm gone
I'm packin' my bags, I'm out!

[Verse 1]
Sometimes, I wish we weren't acquainted
'Cause things ain't been the same since
I got some fame, and now it's like you speak a different language
'Cause you be talkin' fast and snapping fingers side-to-side
I hate to say it girl, but things between us kind of died
I'm tired of the fights and daily drama
I should've known that you should never argue with a baby mama
'Cause I came home from work and all my clothes were waitin' on the doorstep
How you managed doin' that, and you ain't finish chores yet?
What bothers me the most is
We used to be the closest
Remember at the bowling alley, it was me and Joseph?
You walked up to me and the rest, they say is history
Now you callin' all your friends and they all say you dissin' me
I'm sick of feelin' like I'm crazy, I'ma
Have to set things straight 'cause everybody knows
That you're my baby mama

[Danny! talking]
Awww, now look
You done woke the baby up, man
You done woke up Zoe
Daddy's coming baby, Daddy's right here

I'm sorry baby but uh, I-I-I'm movin' out
So all the finer things in life you'll have to do without
Now you about to throw away the promises you made me
Why you actin' shady?
Think about the baby!
Right now I start to
See that all we do is argue
And for me to put up with it all
Girl you know it's hard to
But I'll visit on the weekends just to see my child
I'm sorry baby, I-I-I'm leavin' now

[Verse 2]
Now that my wrist is glowy
And all the misses know me
It's like I'm losin' sense of self
I kinda miss the old me
Because the old me wouldn't put up with the shit you throw me
But I ain't doin' this for you, I'm doin' this for Zoe
Told me you would chill and save me trauma
My friends would tell me, "you should never argue with a baby mama"
And nowadays it's like you seem to take my kindness for a weakness
Walkin' round, giving me the silent treatment?
I don't need this
I come home late and I'm accused of infidelity
I just think you're jealous, B
But yet and still you yell at me
But YOU come home late
It's like, damn, all the levees break
Quick to set the record straight
Like you were all at Debbie's place
You pause and hesitate like eighty commas
I guess that's what I get for trying to argue with a baby mama

[Danny! talking]
Yo, why you twistin' your neck like that when you talk?
Look me in the eye
Man you trippin', you trippin' mad hard


[Verse 3]
Your attitude it triflin'
I've had it boo (goodbye!) you win
I can't bear to be with you 'cause half of you is stiflin'
The other half excites me when I grab your hips and hold your thighs
Then the second half comes out, gettin' jazzy, rollin' eyes
I'm so surprised, baby you make me wanna
Just, ooooooooh
I'll pack my bags now
Rags and towels
It's too late for backin' out
Leaving you with nothing, funny how nobody's nagging now
Aiight, the house is yours
I can buy a thousand more
I'll even give you money just to buy some diapers from the store
But afterward, that's it
Don't even ask for shit
'Cause we ain't married, now my money you want half of it
I have to get Zoe baby pajamas
And whatever else she needs
But I ain't payin' nada to my baby mama

[Danny! talking]
Yo, see if you can get, like
A pack of twenty diapers for thirty bucks yo
(Is that all you get for your money?)
Oh you got jokes huh, real funny

[Chorus] - 2X

[Outro: Danny! talking]
I'm out, I'm leavin'
I'm movin' out baby
Can't take this no more
You can keep the house
But the Lexus, the Benz
The Jag, the Range Rover
And the glass elephant
I'm takin' all that with me, man
Daddy loves you Zoe
But mama's actin' real stank
So I gotta leave
I'll be back though...someday