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Artist: Danny!
Album:  The College Kicked-Out
Song:   Intro
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I used to be well-loved
But now I'm only half-liked
Friends and family keep callin' me an ass-wipe
So I grabbed a knife and stuck it in my back twice
I'm just saving 'em the trouble
I hate to bust your bubble but I'm back to bomb your crew
Produce my own beats, and I'm rappin' on 'em too
A lot of things have changed since last year
The rings, the cashmere
Fuck the middleman, you can bring the cash here
And I'm glad they expelled my ass
Wise Decisions 101, yeah I failed the class
I know these haters wanna dwell on my past
But I'm in a new zone; in fact
I'm here to take over rap
I'm just here to put some clothes on my back
While y'all all look pissed
Like I was over that Waldenbooks shit
Call it quits unless you wanna be a foster kid
Have your ass skippin' town like Austin did, muthafucka