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Artist: Danny!
Album:  The College Kicked-Out
Song:   Clap Back *
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[Danny! talking]
I don't get it
Y'all forget about me for a whole year, right?
I move on with MY life
Drop a CD and now everybody got somethin' to say
Kills me...takin' cheap shots, callin' me names
Y'all must've forgot who I was yo

[Verse 1]
Check it, allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is
D, A-double-N to the Y, I
Got in trouble last year and I can't lie
Took the rap for a hundred people, and I
Came back to give my side of the story
Head of the class, but jealous people tried to extort me
Tried to say my money stretched a little wider than Porky
Th-th-that's all, leave it to me to re-up with heat
I need to breathe people, so back off

[Danny! talking]
Y'all had to get me started
It's bad enough I gotta deal with this everyday, y'know
I mean, sometimes it gets lonely man
I think about it at night
Y'know, all the people that claimed to be my best friend
Turnin' their backs on me
Someone even had the audacity to ask me last week
If I knew the code to break into the computer system
I'm like, are you serious?
I'll give you the code all right
And that number is
(7-8-5, 4-7
I'm not givin' out the rest)
Lemme stop before I incriminate myself any further
Charlamagne already does a good job of that

[Verse 2]
You people can't get past my past
I'm gassed, at last they asked
Me to be the scapegoat, so take note
I'ma say this one time and one time only
I'ma keep pleadin' my case until the sun shine on me
Regardless of what happened at Claflin
I'm glad that I'm rappin'
At least I'm doing something with my life
Unlike, you other cats still sittin' through assembly at school
I'm fixin' to be sittin' in a Bentley, it's cool
Some cats never heard of me
So they run and get their little rumors from Burger King
Last week my label got a phone call from Murder Inc.
But y'all don't care about that
You'd rather try to hold this cat back
Get on radio and mention my past
But I'm laughin' 'cause pretty soon y'all be kissin' my...
D. Swain, the source of Charlamagne's rage
Now we on the same page, maybe YOU should change grades
Holla at ya boy

[Danny! talking]
Y'all got me embarrassed man
I had to make like, three beats in two hours
Y'know, I'm spittin' over unfinished material right now
But uh, don't worry
I saved the heat for last
Still wanna talk to y'all, so um
Just gimme a minute of your time real quick
I got somethin' to say, get off my chest

[Verse 3]
Soon as somebody gets a trick, a gimmick
You pricks get in it
Quicker than Christmas dinner with grits and spinach
Invested hard work and made a decent album
Now you people wanna treat me like police did Malcolm?
I'll keep the peace, but how come
Every time I try to turn down the hate, y'all increase the volume?
Dag! Y'all released the beast outta him
Now he's on a rampage, it's too late to reach out to him
Hearsay's for queers, expelled Danny off a hunch?
I guess they had their panties in a bunch
I'm just Payton a picture...oops!
Did I say "Payton"? I meant to say "painting" a picture
So keep takin' your cheap shots, it don't phase me at all
I dream big but was born small
Callin' me a cornball? I was the best on the yard
Keep poppin' junk, you'll be wakin' up with F's on your card, holla

[Danny! talking]
And it's final exam season so I would watch out if I were you
The Boogie Man is back, yeah
I do it for the underdogs, man
Can't hate me for this one, I had to
Man, y'all got me started, for real
You can't expel somebody off of hearsay and no evidence man
But the irony of it is, I still want my brick in Legacy Plaza
So um, after I blow up I'ma give a million dollars to Claflin, word up
Can't hate me for that
D. Swain, c'mon let's go