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Artist: Danny!
Album:  The College Kicked-Out
Song:   Can't Nobody
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Ain't no kisses man, but uh
It's a whole lot of love
This song is for my favorite girl
Without whom I'd be (so all alone)

[Chorus] - 2X
Can't nobody love me like you do
Can't nobody, can't nobody, no
Can't nobody love me like you do

[Verse 1]
On a summer day in 1983
That's when I first, met the lady that birthed me
A little newborn baby, I was thirsty
So you gave me lots of loving I could drink on
Used to turn the sink on, had me taking baths with the dishes
Taught me how to read at age three, fast little whiz kid
Gave me soup to feed my fevers
Laughin' at the jokes that we would weave up
You were June and I was Beaver
You even warned me 'bout the C-word
No one else stuck up for me
Head hurt, you would rub it for me
A mama's boy in the worst way
We went to Taco Bell together when I skipped the first grade, hey
A celebration then, a celebration now
You're not just another face in the crowd
'Cause you're my mother and I wanna tell you how I feel
Your love is better than a Sno-Cone, without the chills, yeah

[Chorus] - 2X

[Verse 2]
I must've took the word "army brat" literally
'Cause I always used to act up
Everytime we'd pack up
Carried all of my troubles in the back of the truck
And when we touched down, I would turn 'em loose
But still, that was no excuse
To have to go and boost
Your green apples and cranberry juice
Then lie about it, raise my voice and cry about it
Hoping that I was convincing you, but I doubt it
Yet and still, you never tried to fuss or shout or curse
Then I started stealing, taking money out your purse
That was your last straw, and I don't blame you
'Cause all the junk that you put up with, I'd be tired of playing games too
So I ran away from home, yeah I made tracks
But your love was super-strong, so I came back
You cared for me, even though I wasn't perfect
Overloading me with love, and you know I didn't deserve it

[Chorus] - 2X

[Verse 3]
Even when the rain clouds seemed to pour in the drama
No one else has stood in my corner more than my mama
More than a woman, my mom, you're a fortune and I'ma
Have to put you in a myth book, you're more than a goddess
You're like a door to a cottage, you stand tall
And you always open up to me
This mother-son friendship is close enough to be
Hard to shake, like a coconut tree
It's good that we both see things in a similar view
So that you know just what I'm spittin' is true
And I just wanna say I'm so sorry for the trouble I caused you
So far gone at one point, I thought that I lost you
But you never left, I give you all respect
I wish you all the best...
Well I guess I'm done saying this to you
Truly yours, Danny Swain, a.k.a Mister Doo, c'mon

[Chorus] - 2X