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Artist: Danny!
Album:  Charm
Song:   The Last Laugh
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[Verse 1]
Sick of these cats, with their "sicker than" raps
They sicker than this, they sicker than that
Well while you're sicker than that
I'm gettin' your sister to lick on my fat
D-I-C-K, oh why did he say that?
Ha, because I can muthafucka
I'll never grow up, like Peter Pan muthafucka
I'll +NeverLand+...I soar pass the lights
And the weatherman said my forecast was bright
+Whateva Man+ like Redman, muddy waters
But now I'm livin' large like a pudgy doctor
I thought I told you son-of-a-bitches
To shut up and listen
But naw, you just wanted to pitch fits
So now I've got the whole state suckin' my big dick
I TOLD y'all niggas, then I SHOWED y'all niggas
You can't knock this little boy's hustle
I'm just a dude doin' my thing, then I
Found a way and 
Now I'm sayin'
Ha, ha ha

Ah, ha...I told you so
It's D. Swain and I'm comin' with a whole new flow
I'm laughin'...ha ha ha, I'm laughin'

Now now now...two plus one, nigga do the math
I be stirrin' up the game like some half & half
Now guess who got the last laugh?
Danny got the last laugh

[Verse 2]
Trackmaster D. Swain, alias Danny
(Yo what the fuck you drinkin' on?) Maybe it's brandy
Which singer's gonna give me ass? Maybe it's Brandy
She needs the publicity
People butt-kissin' me
Ever since I got my scrawny ass on TV
Before they wouldn't even try to rap on my CD
But now I've got the ghost-tops askin' to eat me
The change was real drastic
And it really hurt when niggas
Called me Kanye West, I'm past it
A better description is A Tribe Called Quest on acid
Is Danny makin' moves now?  Well let's see:
So much cream, a nigga is past rich
(He ain't really sayin' nothin' yo)
Kiss my ass, bitch
My cash cow got the people askin' how
My ass about to blow up, look who's laughin' now

[1/2 Chorus]