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Artist: Danny!
Album:  Charm
Song:   My Problem
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Depression mode in my dressing room
Pressure's on, grateful for my blessings
Though I think I found success too soon
How could it be like this?
Should've warned him if he got successful he might flip
Yeah my dreams are comin' true and all
But who do you call
When it seems the weight of the world
Is glued to your balls
I ain't being jokey, nigga this is serious
Running 'round in circles but my mind is the weariest
Why am I delirious?  I got everything a brother could
Ask for, feel like I'm being smothered in asphalt
'Cause I let my problems trample all over me
Too many straws have got my camel fallin' on his knees
For example I -- oh hold on, hold on...lemme take this drink, hol' up (pours drink)
Now where was I?
Finally got my wings unclipped but now I'm scared to fly
But this ain't stage fright
Nigga this is e'ry night
Fans screaming, stampeding
Dan's speeding, movin' too fast
I can't even walk in the store anymore
Without a bunch of people standin' by the door
Asking for an autograph, man I oughta spazz out
But I gotta think about my daughter...
Speakin' of her, me and her mother are goin' through some thangs
Ever since -- man fuck it, I gotta take...
I gotta take another drink, my bad (sips drink)
My momma said I'm actin' brand new
Said the fame changed me
But that can't be true
People that I used to call my buddy
Only actin' buddy-buddy
'Cause they want some money from me
And these honeys never came around before
Now I'm gettin' love from all these dames while I'm on tour
I wonder if they'd love me just the same if I was poor --
Yo, who's bangin' at my door?
("Six minutes, Danny Swain you're on!")
Man I ain't comin' out this room until my pain is gone
I...I need a couple seconds to sit and drink
Uh, I mean THINK...damn I can't think
Damn, what was I thinkin', I'm drinkin' again
Whether I sink or I swim, I know I gave it my best
Sometimes I -- I gotta, I gotta take another drink (pours drink)
I'm lonely and I'm nervous and I'm scared
Thought I wanted the fame, I guess I wasn't prepared
To be an overnight sensation
I hoped that I could take it in stride
I went from open mics to Vegas and died
Somewhere along the way; at least my sanity did
I didn't plan to be big, I just -- (sips drink)
I just wanted to shine
wanted my rhymes to reach the people one at a time
Funny how my small problems are all contributin'
To my biggest issue of all: my alcohol addiction
Is it me or is it gettin' dark in here?