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Artist: Danny!
Album:  Charm
Song:   It's Okay
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I used to think that things would be okay if
Maybe I just pray and play my part
I'd start to build a rapport
With more MCs, but see it's not as
Easy as it seems, it seems I need
A little more practice
My measures was drastic
But what would you do
If food eluded you and
You were much too poor to afford
A cordless phone to phone for help
What else is left? I guess the
Best solution is to pay your dues...
I had hella problems
Prob'ly gotta drop up outta college
Knowledge is the key, the lock was in my wallet
Call it a hunch, but once I bunched my plans together
Severin' ties, creatin' new ones
I knew somebody'd prob'ly hear what I had to say
My patience payin' off, I'm off to better days
But hey I promise I'll be back, but packed with platinum plaques
I'll see you at the Grammys...