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Artist: Danny!
Album:  Charm
Song:   Duck Soup
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Y'all cats can't examine my stamina
I flow greater than eight of your favorite
Rap individuals
Trappin', I did it too...but not kilos of coke
More like these MC's in a chokehold
Gee whiz I'm loco, disregardin' my sanity
"Damn it he spits it so candidly"
Nit-wits can can it, please
Why my name don't get brought up
When South Carolina get thought up?
I oughta be whinin'
But I'm shinin' like I was the forehead
On Mario Winans
I'm sorry your highness...but this time it's official
I wish you wack rappers would strap a
B-bomb to your baby Timbs
Maybe then you'll blow up before I do
Your IQ is minus 2
I'ma do me, y'all niggas still rhyme for food