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Artist: Danny!
Album:  Charm
Song:   Can't Wait
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[Verse 1]
I be on tour 24/7, money for my brethren
My boys, we enjoy this rap that we commit to
But how you gonna travel the world and not
Bring somethin' back with you?  That's an issue
When I'm droppin' knowledge on my fans with me and my crew
It's only right that I grab a little piece of 'em too
I did a show in Japan, and I had so many fans
I began to think I reached the plateau of Rodan
They fed me noodles and ham
I made a false step when I asked for moo goo gai pan
Some type of dude that I am!
I had a set in the U.K. for two days
Cats rushin' the stage, throwin' me bouquets
Hey!  I went to see a play
The Edinburgh Film Festival was in town, that's how I get down
The globe-trotter, I continue to spit
And I'ma broaden my horizons every venue I hit
Let's go

[Chorus 1]
Houston, Los Angeles
I can't wait, man I can't wait, man
Long Beach, St. Paul, Atlanta man
I can't wait, man I can't wait, naw
Las Vegas, London, New Orleans
I can't wait, man I can't wait, man
Philadelphia, Honolulu
Can't wait, man I can't wait, man

[Verse 2]
+I Got The Internet Going Nutz+
But I won't spend my tour time in the hotel bonin' sluts
I'd rather be enlightened, I liked when
This light-skinned cutie tried to school me in Thailand
I'm on an island, fuck it I'm wylin'
I did a set in Phuket...get it?
Soon as I step up off the plane I'ma learn new languages
I go to Denmark, eat a few Danishes
You can't hang with this, Swain is the shit
I'll do a show on Pluto if the money is right
But first I'm headed to Hawaii where it's sunny and bright
They taught me how to do the hula, fed me honey and rice
I went on stage to do my thing and everyone was polite
I'm tryin' to do a hundred shows in one night
You know you likin' every song that I play
On stage, kickin' dust
And I'm pickin' up a few things along the way, c'mon

[Chorus 2]
St. Louis, Cincinnati
Can't wait, man I can't wait, man
Boston, Cleveland, Milwaukee
Man I can't wait, man I can't wait, man
Miami, San Diego
Can't wait, man I can't wait, man
Detroit, Nashville, Seattle
Man I can't wait, man I can't wait, man

[Verse 3]
You can call me Eddie Murphy 'cause I'm more than +Raw+
When I was out in California I met Gordon Shaw
He had me listenin' to Mozart
Now I'm so smart
My test scores is higher than college students and rats
I'm a lunatic at your disposal
Forced to go with SunCom, 'cause I can't afford T-Mobile
On tour, sharing the floor with forty locals
You can't call Danny small anymore, he's global
And hopefully, I'll have plenty of folks to see
I'll visit anywhere, even if it's too bizarre
And learn a few things, like I had a new guitar
I'm tryin' to be an international superstar
(Whooo!) Rock star dreams, mom start screamin'
"Wake yo ass up boy, Pop Tarts steamin'"
Damn I had so much fun
I ain't ever been on tour, but I can't wait to go on one, I'm out

[Chorus 3]
Beijing, Berlin, Chicago
Can't wait, man I can't wait, man
D.C., V.A., N.Y.
I can't wait, man I can't wait, man
Hong Kong, St. Petersburg
I can't wait, man I can't wait, man
Memphis, Pittsburgh, Orlando
Man, I can't wait, man I can't wait