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Artist: Danny!
Album:  21st Century Masters, The Millennium Collection: The Best Of Danny!
Song:   Fullaschidt (Remix)
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[Verse 1]
Can't get no rest from this mess
I don't know how I put up with it
It sucks to get lied to, that's why
I don't trust a muh'fucka
Shit, I'll cut a muh'fucka off
Tryin' to run some game on me, see
This one cat tried to ask for my CD
To get it reviewed, I said "true, what more you need from me?"
He said "your beats homie, throw me a freebie"
So I said "fuck it"
Passed him heat
Weeks passed, nothing published

And I felt like a shithead
'Cause I told everybody to check out
The magazine review and shit
It's cool, I'ma leave it alone though

[Verse 2]
Well I, after hatin' I forgave him; it was hard
Then I got a call from a major label A&R
He said to send a demo
But my dreams flew out the window
When I peeped a Trap Squad mixtape with my instrumentals
Damn, I'm sick of niggas shittin' me
I'm fixin' to be the cynical-est nigga alive, I
Picked up the phone, gathered all my loose pennies
Hired lawyers for the case, I have a lawsuit pending, c'mon

I'm kinda glad I paid that $45
To copyright my shit too
Word up
I'm sick and tired y'all
Fuckin' with these liars y'all

Games people play
Why, why, why you're just not matchin'
What they should do
Me me me me too
Been down too long
Right, wrong, I just can't stop it
Spendin' all day
Thinkin' just of you

[Verse 3]
1,245 hits a day
On my website, e'rynight
Damn, I love the e-mails
Damn, I love the females that hit me up
Some are weird
And some are ex-girlfriends I ain't heard from in years, yeah
This chick was like "I bought your album, Danny
I love your puns and metaphors
You're headed for the Grammys!
Boy, you the best...
Umm, P.S.
can I get $2,000 from your royalty check?"

You know where YOU can go
You and your kids
It's kinda hopeless man, I'ma call it a day
They pull the wool quick
Miss me with that bullshit, uh