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Artist: Danny!
Album:  And I Love H.E.R.: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Song:   Jet Set
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[Verse 1]
G-4 dreams
With barely enough money to buy a pair of JNCO Jeans
Straight from the Boulevard of Broken Hearts and
Disillusioned Drive, it's this producer's time to shine
I'm takin' what's mine, but umm
Fate's an ugly broad with a funny beard
Seems like I've been waitin' on this day for twenty years
She's like, "I'm sorry for the wait; I got you honey, here"
I'm like, "well it's about damn time!"
L-l-l-let's rewind to the times my rhymes was wrote on receipt papers
Workin' retail with females, conceivin' capers
Plus conceited haters tried to stop me, but
Papi struck gold when my third album sold two thousand copies plus
Now I'm the talk of the town, they stop and talk to me now
It's a far cry from when they used to call me a clown
What kind of luck is that?
I tell 'em that I'd love to chat but
Uhhhp! I gotta run and catch this flight
They say "good luck with that"
So I grab the duffel with the button flaps
Pack a couple slacks and I'm gone


Baby girl, jet set with me
Baby girl, jet set with me
Just think about it...
We can fly over the seven seas
Or maybe take a trip to New Orleans
Just think about it...
"I don't care where we go
I know, I know, all you wanna do is jet set with me"
Just think about it...
When I'm with you girl it's heavenly
Let's hop a flight and catch a few more scenes
Just think about it...

[Verse 2]
Sickamore style, more sicker than yours
My Flickr profile is where I store pictures from tours
Never been the type to jump on trends
I just jump on jets
And you can jump on next
Now when I zoom I assume you can handle it
Fumes from the boom take us all the way to Los Angeles
And I don't care what we do afterwards
As long as you my passenger
Kiss the friendly skies baby girl, we're a passing blur
(Swooooooosh!) Each day we'd wake up in a new city
Crew with me, skinny dudes move quickly
I declare we are airborne, tour van so shoddy
Miss me with that bullshit, I ain't a poor man's nobody
I developed my own style
So we travel in style, and we can battle for aisle seats
Two's company, but I'd love a crowd
You, me and the music soar high above the clouds
Air Swain takin' off about a quarter to one-o'-clock
Is you comin' or not?

[1/2 Chorus]