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Artist: Danny!
Album:  And I Love H.E.R.: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Song:   Intermission (Interlude)
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[Verse 1]
Show's over? I think not
Your slingshot ain't big enough, I'm cold-shoulderin' you stink snots
Beer budget with a wine glass fetish
Teenyboppers ask me "Danny, where yo' fine ass headed?"
To the studio, I'm due at 10 to 6
And if I show up late my boys'll never let me hear the end of it
But I ain't trippin' cause my penmanship is venomous
You send this shit to Finland nigga, postage'll cost ya
I snatch the mic from rap imposters
Cover they mouth up with my hand, NOW get your money little muffled frat boy
You should've got them skills when you was gettin' that degree
'Cause all them skills you got, you was gettin' that from me
I rock a stocking mask, bumpin' rock, hip-hop and jazz
Disguised at shows, while I commence to do the Heisman on that ho, OH!
No one's freakin' with these beats
You niggas is full of shit like vegans eating meat
The reason D is at his peak
Every dog has his season to be the leader of the meek (speech!)
So even if it's weak
I got enough leeway to give "Charm" a re-release
A bonus DVD and I'm back! But I'm still here
Livin' off of my royalties for twelve years
House slippers, smelly beard
Walkin' 'round the house with a
Folder full of accolades I've accumulated over the years
And letters from my fans, all of whom I'd owe my career
But 'til I retire, I'm still a villain for hire
Still in the fire, feelin' like a million Mariahs
You still in the buggy? I'm stealin' ya tires, have a Goodyear