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Artist: Danny! f/ Von Pea and Stephanie Mae
Album:  And I Love H.E.R.: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Song:   I Don't Know
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[Verse 1: Von Pea]
I peeked, I glanced
All the while I'm holdin' your hand
Go out weekends just to go dance
Come home alone, it's still in the pants
Might fantasize 'bout the chick's hourglass
That I saw by the bar but she is not half
The woman you are, and I figured you
Already knew, well I guess I'm fooled
You be thinkin' I'm creepin', out shoppin' for shoes
I be up in the mall, no I ain't up in no walls
Nobody touchin' the balls
Controllin' the scrotum
Ain't nobody holdin' the totem but you
Listenin' to your friends, they so envy you
Tellin' you a bunch of things that I don't really do
But anything I say I do is really true
So pass the ham sandwich and go pretty you

[Chorus: Stephanie Mae and Danny!]
I (Can't stand to see her)
Cry (Damn, I know she hate it when I)
Lie (I can't help it though)
Why (I got people to see and places to go
She ask me why I didn't call I tell her "I don't know")

[Verse 2: Danny!]
Now now, honey
I'm the same cat
That got dissed in
Scratch Magazine by Plain Pat's no-name ass
Damn what a loser
But baby girl I choose ya
Like that other Pat from the projects
We was makin' progress
How you gonna try and hit me with them foreign objects
Throwing accusations, I'm just
Tryin' to be as faithful to thee as can be
D.J. Rogers, put your trust in D. Swain, holla
Now please refrain from the keychain drama
Sayin' that's my new girl in the picture, that's my mama
And when I had to leave
In the middle of the night
Last night I was, I was tryin' to catch the fight
At my homeboy's crib ("who that is over there?")
That's my homeboy Sid
He say, "yo, what it is"
But yo I gotta go, my phone's about to die
Like all them damn Mohicans, I ain't cheatin' baby, bye!


[Bridge: Danny!]
She asked when my Def Jux album droppin'
Told her "I don't know"

[Stephanie Mae]
Why you do me like that, boy?