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Artist: Danny!
Album:  And I Love H.E.R.: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Song:   After The Love Has Gone
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[Verse 1]
I put my all in it
Calling it quits was a schtick
Just a ruse that I'd use
If I started to get sick of the conflict wearing away
At what we set and so I'd threaten to leave, hopin' you'd beg me to stay
And you did but this time, there ain't no coming back
Despite the fact that I don't wanna see you with somebody wack
So I guess we should just put this thing here to rest
Yes, I hate to but it's for the best
We were compatible
First date was magical
Hurts to take a sudden sabbatical
I gave you collateral
With no money down, you said my heart would suffice
Back on track three, see, you wasn't treatin' me right
A cause for concern, maximum effort but
All I got was minimal results in return
Burn ya abacus, 'cause this doesn't add up
Sad but, I have to know: what happened to us?

[Verse 2]
How do I move on?
And still get my groove on?
Who's gonna captivate my soul with a new song?
Who's gonna saturate my life with a new long-
Term relationship and how much longer can I wait for it?
When I know the only woman that I loved was you
Am I still in love with you?
Nah, who am I kiddin'? Give it up, we're through
They say if you care for something then set it free
If it don't come back, it wasn't meant to be
I think about the coulda-beens
And how it ended, I'm dependent on your sugar
Friends would probably want us to work it out
If word of mouth continued
They don't know the half of what we've been through
They mean well, this is my farewell
I'ma cherish the good times
If there was a good time to leave it would be now
We're just kiddin' ourselves so let's stop
If y'all ain't know I'm talkin' 'bout my one and only true love
And that's hip-hop, let's go