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Artist: Dangerous Dame
Album:  I Got What You Want
Song:   I Got What You Want
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[ VERSE 1: Dangerous Dame ]
You want it, why, cause I got it
Pick up the mic on stage and I rock it
With the style that most can't rock with
A lotta rappers out there can't top this
Cause I'm different, more than average
Acrobatic, static, man, I never had it
Cause r-e-s-p-e-c-t is in effect
And you're sure to collect if you come correct
I keep comin, suckers'll keep runnin
I tell my DJ to hit me on the 1 and
(2-3-4) 5 and 6 and
Stop flirtin, man, and do the mixin
More time for that when I get through with the rap
And makin em clap and snap and pat my back
The style, lyrics and flow is what you lack
That's why your tracks be soundin so wack
Yo, you're not good and you let me see
In a lot of little ways you're tellin me

(Yo yo, exactly what are they tellin you, man?)

You got it, I want it
I want it, you got it
You got it, I want it
I want it, you got it

[ VERSE 2: Dangerous Dame ]
I got it, and when I got it I use it
Keep it up to par and don't lose it
A lotta raps, more than just one rhyme
A lotta styles, more than just one kind
I got a lot but yo, I'm not steppin
I learn more to add to my collection
To be the best in, one of the best men
Until I'm at that point, I'm not restin
Or rather sleepin, I stay woke
Anyone who tries to break will get broke
Smoke, choke, beat to a pulp
Tied to a rock at the bottom of a boat
Cause when it comes to a punk I flip
Lose my grip and act on the ill tip
And when I have to regain control
There's nothin left but a body without a soul
Of a sucker, one dumb brother
Who thought he get tough but didn't know that I was tougher
I could rock but man, he couldn't rock it
Before he left he said to me

I want it, you got it
You got it, I want it
I want it, you got it
You got it, I want it

[ VERSE 3: Dangerous Dame ]
I got the look, the look for girls to keep lookin
A lot of numbers written in my black book and
I don't call em all, just a few
So many girls, I don't know what to do
Is it because of my fame, I like to wonder
Is that the reason that I have so many phone numbers?
Retract, let's go way back
Where was they at before I started to rap, huh?
They was around, but they wasn't around me
They just want me for my f-a-m-e
Or my money, maybe my body
Or just because the way I rock the party
I don't know but man, that's women
Always in the crowd smilin and grinnin
Waitin for the Dame to look and say hi
They try to catch my eye when I walk by
Or makin passes, whisperin, hisses
Shakin hips and blowin little kisses
But I just turn my head the other way
Until they all just grab me and say

(I got what you want, you got what I want)