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Artist: Dangerous Dame
Album:  I Got What You Want
Song:   Troublematic Button
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(Kick the game)

In the studio for weeks, now I'm fiendin for passion
My temper's kinda trippin for this time I been lastin
But now it's time to break so I can have me some fun
Bout to hit the hoochie house and go to wax me some buns
Jump into the Super, then I pop in a tape
Then I rush to 85th so I can snatch up my labelmate
Loungin on the avenue, guess what I saw?
TMD was shootin dice and he was breakin a broad
Cause he's a hustler, yeah, and a street-smart scholar
( *car honk* )
(Hold up Dame, let me break her for her last dollar)
I said okay, then I pulled to the side
It was cold, so it was time to put the top on my ride
We was ready to spend, TMD jumped in
I said what's up, he said what's up and we was gone with the wind
Hit the highway, rollin, nowhere to be found
Diana Ross - slammin "Upside Down"
The bass and treble at the perfect level, the way we choose it
Noddin to the music, yeah, that's how we do it
But bust it, cause this is where the night gets bad
Just thinkin about the situation's makin me mad
But I'ma spit it, cause I ain't a punk and never will I be one
This ain't the season, so tell me what's the reason
For a white man rollin on the side and he said:
(Freeze nigger) with the pistol aimin straight at my ehad
I hit the breaks and then I swerved
And almost wrecked the car right into a curb
But then I said: no, Jack and then I bounced right back
On to the highway and got into a freeway chase with the punk
And nothing couldn't stop me
I was angry at the fact that a cracker tried to pop me
I pulled up on him and unloaded
We didn't stay to see what happened, we was rollin
(Man, do you think he's alive?) Man, I knew that he wasn't
Huh, but I had to push the troublematic button

(I get pushed to the limit and yo, that's it)	--> Erick Sermon

Goin to my girlie so I exit the highway
50 seconds later I was parked in the driveway
Got up to the porch and I was ready to score
She took a long time just to open the door
I walked into the house and then I said what's up
And kissed her on the lip as I was grippin her butt
So how you're doin? (I'm fine, I feel cool but not perfect
Uhm...) What's the matter, you're lookin kinda nervous
I sat on the couch and put my feet up on the table
Thinkin 'bout the time that I could bust a fat cable
Now, what seems to be the problem, honey?
Why don't you tell me why you're lookin so funny?
(What you mean?) You know, cause you ain't tellin me somethin
It's all over your face, why don't you quit with the frontin?
If you got another man, why don't you tell me
Because yo, I ain't the one for the jealousy
(Ain't nothin wrong) Well won't you give me a smile?
I hate it when you're frownin cause you're crampin my style
Relax, be cool and yo, you'll be alright
Let me hang up my jacket because I'm stayin tonight
But when I opened the closet, what did I see?
A preppy punk sucker lookin right at me
The first thought in my mind was just to sock him
But he didn't do nothin, it was her I should be knockin
I pushed the sucker back in the closet and slammed the door
Oh, so that's what all the drama was for
Then I grabbed her by the neck and then I took her
(Au!) I didn't hit her or slap her but I shook her
(Au!) I shook her crazy till her head got dizzy
And then I just put on my jimmy and got busy
When I was through I cold went on a rampage
And tore up the house just like I tear up a stage
The sucker was quiet he thought he was off the hook
I beat him down in every way in the book
I know I said I wouldn't serve him, but bust it
I had to push the troublematic button

(I get pushed to the limit and yo, that's it)

(Yo Dame, those other two situations was tough and all
but yo, if a sucker ever decided to step up to you
what exactly would you say to him?)

Warning, you got me started so let me finish
I'll never be settled until the sucker's diminished
I'm never nervous, quality service is what I'm givin
My lyrics are funky because yo, that's how I'm livin
I pick up the mic and get hype on the scene
I'm super supreme, makin it dope, so call me a dopefiend
The Dame, who came out the blue on the blue tip
You want me to fall, you better watch it or you slip
And break, a simple fall is all it will take
You never be writin but you can bite like a snake
But just a small one cause brother, I would be dawned if
You ever get me down because your venom is harmless
And I'm just the opposite, I hit where it's painful
And rap ain't for faggots, so won't you get out the game, bro
And go to the army to be all that you an be
And maybe the navy, so you can sail on the seven seas
You get what I'm sayin cause at rappin you're failin
If you get on a boat, then yo, at least you be sellin
Did you hear my advice? It's somethin you shoulda took
You better run for some help when I push
The troublematic button