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Artist: Dangerous Dame
Album:  I Got What You Want
Song:   Subject of Importance
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Let's do this

I used to be a person overlooked in the hallway
But now the girls are jockin and they're jockin me all day
I dropped the J-u-m-p-i-n-g LP
And I had was tapes, but yo, it sold a lot of copies
It was summertime, and all the tops was down
They was slammin "My Name Is Dame" with "Jumping" in Oaktown
The real thing, they couldn't believe I was comin up
But now in 1990 it seems like I'm runnin stuff
But back to '89 when school was in
I'm in the halls again, now everybody's my friend
I wonder why, maybe it's because of my fame
In '88 I was Damon, but now I'm Dangerous Dame
I didn't change, I'm still the same old me
But they be treatin me different because I r-a-p
And when the girls step up, man, it just puts me to shame
(I just want you for you, not cause you're Dangerous Dame)
Get out my face, now do I look like someone you could play?
Find another line, because that's somethin that they all say
I used to break my neck to try to get at this one girl
Don't even think that she acknowledged I was in the world
In '89 she was peepin me, bro
I used to be a ghost, but now she's givin me love notes?
(I heard you used to like me) I said: yeah, exactly
'Used to' because now you got too fat for me
She was mad, but yo, I had to break her
Because I hate it when a girlie catch the vapors
They offer me love but I don't want your body
I couldn't have it a year ago, so step off, hottie
They couldn't stop me, cause dissin em was like my revenge
Now I can say what I wanna because I'm makin my ends
They crazy, they try to say that I'm ample
It's hard to explain, so here's an example

What's up? (What's up?! What you want it to be?)
Oh god (Just cause you rap you think that you can talk to me?)
I didn't say that (You ain't nobody, you think that you're just too good)
That's when I slapped her like a normal nigga would
But see, I'm livin the life of an entertainer
It wasn't even smart for me to bank her
But I can't win for losin, I'm a man in the spotlight
Everything I do, they say that it's not right
It's not fair, it's just plain ignorance
And this is a subject of importance

(Yo Dame, I think I know what you're talkin about
But it might be a little complicated for the people to understand
So won't you break it down a little bit better for em, would ya?)

See, just cause I'm a rapper lots of people like to watch me
Broads clock me, fellas even jock me
But girls, they step up to me like I really need it
When I refuse it, they say that I'm conceited
But when I give em some play they turn wack
And start trippin, see this is how they act

(Girl, I seen Dame goin down MacArthur the other day, he so fine)
Watch this
(Well girl, I just got to phone him
he ain't nothin but a everyday nigga to me)
See what I mean?

Somebody tell me, what could be the reason for this attitude?
Why can't you treat me with respect and gratitude?
You disrespect me cause I'm comin from the hometown
I need support, not someone to bring me down
You get the message? (Yeah Dame, I see
But why it's so important, though?) Because it's important to me