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Artist: Dangerous Dame
Album:  I Got What You Want
Song:   The Powers That Be
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(Brothers and sisters)

[ VERSE 1: Dangerous Dame ]
Fight the power, and the power is drugs
Kills the ignorant, sold by thugs
The outcome? A generation is taken
By a pill in the form of Satan
What can we do to stop this madness?
Let's get together so that we can attack this
With our power, the power of speech
Kickin knowledge with rhymes and beats
The first step is to teach the young
To let em know that education is number one
And if you got it, then you're on the right track
But if not, then we might be right back
To the brooms and the towels and the mops
So take a ear to the science that drops
Stop the violence and let's come together
Fight the power, to peace, forever

(Brothers and sisters)
(Have to fight to get back up)	--> Rob Base

[ VERSE 2: Dangerous Dame ]
Fight the power, and the power is sex
But you can never tell what's comin up next
What is it, another type of killer disease
Lose your life for the birds and the bees
Think about it, kinda stupid if you ask me
Use protection, now how hard can that be?
It ain't nothin but a 20 second process
And if you do it, then yo, we might stop this mess
So put a brain in your head and stop playin roulette
Find one love and then you'll be set
In the long run you won't have to fret
Or rather worry about death with sex
Protection or love, one or the other
You die cause of sex you're goin out like a sucker
And I don't think you wanna do that, right?
It won't hurt to be smart and just fight
The power

[ VERSE 3: Dangerous Dame ]
Peer pressure is a power that most can't deal with
A lotta teenagers might feel this
You got friends and they all like to gangbang
So you wonder should you do the same?
Hold it, think about what you're doin
Risk your life just to hang with the crew, man?
Do what you want but I'm tellin you to think twice
Before you even take a chance with your life
Because a gang ain't nothin but trouble
And no, I'm not tryin to bust yo bubble
I'm tryin to tell you you gotta get stronger
So you can fight and live a little longer
But if you join then hey, do it your way
Cause I've said what I got to say
So think about it for a minute or a hour
You can be a punk or you can fight the power