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Artist: Dangerous Dame
Album:  I Got What You Want
Song:   Let Myself Go
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Bust it

Pick up the mic and start rollin, flowin
Scoldin suckers be puffed up and swollen
Hurt cause they try to jerk but I smirk
Play it like I'm cool and I slam em in the dirt
Cause I'm hard as a mutha (What?) Never could another sucker
Ever talk bad to Dame cause I'm a cool brother
Rough and tough and all that good stuff
Never could I ever give my fans enough
In rememberance of Robert C. Davis which is my homie
Dangerous D-a-m-e, the one and only
Flowin like a waterfall, a ( ? ) stream
Yo, I rule the world but I ain't no king
I'm just a rapper, rhymin like a rapper should rhyme
I like to flow and grow like a lemon from a lime
It's like this, I'm ready to ball my fist
And crush any stupid sucker who tries to diss
My last record I said I was comin up
Yeah, you don't like it, I really don't give a ( *ahem* )
I'm still sellin and rhymin and makin my cash
I got women and brothers even startin to ask
(What, can I have a free tape?) Nah, you must be crazy
Go to the store and pick up my record so they can pay me
You spend your money on a room just to bone
Why don't you go get my record so you can help me get my dollars on?
It's kinda simple, support a black brother who is positive
And you know that's how I got to live
I ain't no hoodlum
If he step on my foot I ain't go shoot him
Just say excuse me, then I won't abuse thee
But if you don't then I be ready to box and stomp
And bounce and bank to let you know I'm not a punk
Somethin that I'm far from and never close to
But if you play me for one then I'ma smoke you
Not with a gun but only with my bare hand
Just like a real man, that's where I stand
And if I smoke you with the gun then you will feel no pain
But if I catch you with the left you remember the name
My name is Dame, somethin like a oldie but goodie
When you hear it you quickly be wantin to get up and boogie
To the Dangerous artist that was made to kill the enemy
Top fo the line and never will a sucker MC be
In front of me, take two steps behind
I come in first cause I always got the dopest rhyme
People are talkin sayin that I'm conceited or somethin
Don't even know me but they make that assumption
How is it ill if I have trust in my skill
If I don't believe in myself, then who the hell else will?
17 years old but I can flow like a veteran
I been in it for five and not a sign of half-steppin
Suckers be playin and makin fun of my name
Sayin: Ooh, he's dangerous cause I'm Dangerous Dame
It doesn't mean that I'm hazardous, I'm far from a punk
I'm dangerous to the suckers if they wantin some funk
Whoever said that the name depicts the character
Dopeness and quality lies within the rapper
But if he ain't dope I guess his name will follow along
That's what you get for writin a wack song
I never did and I never will
(Well, tell me why) Cause the Dame is way too real
I let it go for those who wanna beef
And from Dangerous Dame I'll say peace