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Artist: Dangerous Dame
Album:  I Got What You Want
Song:   Lil Rob is in My Heart
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[ VERSE 1: Dangerous Dame ]
Lil Rob (Who was he?)
He was my partner (Why?) Because he
Wasn't the average everyday type of brother
He was cool, different from the others
Walked in his own path and never followed
Never begged for nothin and never borrowed
Cool kinda brother, kinda kept to himself
If you needed some help, he would give you some help
He never acted real hard but neither was he a simp
Yo, he kinda walked with a gangsta limp
And in my life he played a very big part
(Why is that?) Cause Lil Rob is in my heart

You know
You know we miss you
Yes, we do

[ VERSE 2: Dangerous Dame ]
When I think about his death, I get a sad feelin
But when I think about the good times, I get a glad feelin
Because he always made me happy
(So are you saying he brought joy?) Exactly
He had the kind of smile to brighten up the whole day
God bless him, and now I think it's time I say
That I love him and I wish that he was still here
He was my homie and I liked him as a real player
He wasn't gonna be a nobody, nothin
That brotherman was gonna be famous for somethin
And I'ma let it be known from the start
(Why is that?) Cause Lil Rob is in my heart

You'll always be
You'll always be in our hearts
Yes, you will

[ VERSE 3: Dangerous Dame ]
The purpose of the rhyme is to never forget
About the L-i-l R-o-b to the Davis
Word to Rob cause he was one of a kind
He still lives, at least in my heart and my mind
And I'ma never forget, cause memories remain
And to the Dame, his picture is locked in my brain
I'm gonna miss him, cause Lil Rob was down to the end
And I'm speakin on behalf of his family and friends
We all love him, and that's the finest fact on the real
I made this record so I can let you know how I feel
I hate to cry, but now I got to
Rest in peace, my partner
Lil Rob