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Artist: Dangerous Dame
Album:  I Got What You Want
Song:   I Call Your Name
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[ VERSE 1: Dangerous Dame ]
Woke up in the morning, put my arm to the side
Didn't feel your body near me, so I opened my eyes
Then I pulled back the sheets but I forgot it was cold
So I slipped into the slippers and I put on my robe
Took a journey to the bathroom to wash my face
The house is kinda quiet, not a sound in the place
And then I thought: wait a minute, where is my woman?
She up and left the house and didn't leave a note or nothin?
I rushed out the bathroom to check the house
Not a peep, a sound, not even a mouse
I said: man, she up and cold left me
Huh, where could she be?

I call your name

I call your name
You know I call your name

You know I need you
I need you baby

[ VERSE 2: Dangerous Dame ]
Slipped into my clothes and then I jumped into the Caddy Seville
Thinkin in my mind: this girl must be ill
Crazy, ignorant to the fact that I'm the best she ever had
And to be with me she should be glad
But then I caught myself just as I said it
And if she never came back then I'd regret it
Cause she's the only girl I ever really fought for
In other words, she's the first I have a heart for
Which means I love her, physically and mentally
The reason for our love is simply cause our love was meant to be
But if she leaves me I wouldn't feel the same
So please come back, girl, I call your name

[ VERSE 3: Dangerous Dame ]
Searchin all the streets like a cop for a criminal
Thinkin in my mind: yo, where would most women go?
I don't know, but I'ma keep searchin and lookin
And if she ain't around then my heart is tooken
Broken in half like a fish stick
But I'ma find me another one to get with
And if she don't come back then I'll accept that
Cause I will always play the role of a big mack
(Is it true that you love her?) Yes, it may be
But I know that there's a lot more fish in the sea
Even though in my life I've had lots of fish
But I never had a fish like this
I call your name

[ VERSE 4: Dangerous Dame ]
Back to the house feelin down and disgusted
Searchin all day but still comin up with nothin
Opened up the door, took the key from the ignition
I knew she wouldn't be in the house but I was wishin
Hopin, but in my heart all I felt was a pain
Everything to lose and not a thing to gain
But when I opened the door I had nothin to say
Everybody there was singing happy birthday
And then I quickly knew that she was behind it
Because I was blinded, I wasn't reminded
That it was my birthday, forget that
Even though you never left I'm glad to have you back
I call your name