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Artist: Dangerous Dame
Album:  I Got What You Want
Song:   Freestyle Shortbreak
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This is a freestyle shortbreak, I pause for a second
It's like a moment of a brief introduction to my record
And slang is what it contains, the dopest material
Versatile like a mother but yo, you probably don't hear me though
So lend me an ear and you can feel the sensation
It's like I'm Pepsi, the choice of a funky new generation
Take a sip out the bottle, you be quenchin your thirst
And if you pick up the album, then you're sure to get your money's worth
Cause I give you more than just the average sucker can
Cause the simple fact I'm not a half-steppin brotherman
I work on my record to make it dope for the people
Never losin no quality like a part of a movie sequel
To hell with the gankin, I never try to pull a fast one
I won't come out unless it's better than the last one
So gimme some credit for bein a Top Choice Artist
I'm in it to be one of the best, but not the hardest
"I Got What You Want" the sum of it all
So listen to the record and you make the call
(Is the last one better, Dame?) Nah man, I doubt it
Hey, let it play and tell me what you think about it