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Artist: Dangerous Dame
Album:  I Got What You Want
Song:   Far From a Regular
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(Yo Dame, ever since you made "I Call Your Name"
people seem to think that you're a lover man
Let em know you're a real rapper, would ya?)

(More than just a little bit, better than my competitor)	--> The DOC

[ VERSE 1: Dangerous Dame ]
Beginnin to end, Dame's on the mic again
A funky new rhyme for the hip-hop trend
And I blend, just like a chameleon
I'm sure to make a million
(So tell me how you feelin)
I feel great, I'm known from state to state
I never sleep, I'm awake, I got a rhyme to make
So I'ma make em, take em then I put em in dope form
Then I find a funky beat that I like to flow on
And ask Dopecut to scratch it (Yeah)
The cuts are dope so yo, the rhymes'll match it
Your ears will catch it and tell your legs to start steppin
Get off the wall because you're plexin
But I'm flexin, super dope def and
If you're lookin for a tape why don't you pop the best in?
(Who?) Well the best is me
(Who?) The D-a-n-g-e, the r-o-u-s D-a-m-e
The first real rapper from Oakland
Always makin sure that the lyrics are potent
And dope and rough enough to go to war
I just got the ball, so now it's time to score
2 for Dame with an assist from T-Cap
I'm far away cause I don't rap like he rap
I go down the list of all the suckers I'm better than
I'm 17 but yo, I rhyme like a veteran
So lend me an ear cause other rappers, they be fakin it
And if you can't lend it, yo, then I'm takin it
Because you gotta stop and listen to Dame
And heavefn knows I'm not just another rap name
I'm on the top of the charts, I'm poppin the parts that's vital
Yo, let em know the title

(More than just a little bit, better than my competitor)
Because I'm far from a regular

[ VERSE 2: Dangerous Dame ]
(Flow) that's my main concern
It's just the perfect way to show that I know how to burn
So I do it and keep on doin and don't lose it
And if you want, you can take away the music
Suckers on my jock got me itchin like a flea pack
Push the button - yeah, bring the beat back
So I can keep your heads to noddin
And crushin a punk to puss (Man, that's rotten)
That's how I'm livin, my brother, I stay above the
Average sucker and the punk muthafuck... (Ah-ah)
No, I ain't go cuss, I got a image to hold
I'm lookin for platinum, I ain't diggin for gold
The Dame does work and yes, the story is told
(Cold carryin the extra wide load)	--> MC Lyte
Suckers are soft and I'm buildin they coffin
RIP - yo, I do this often
So back out and go your wack route because I stack clout
Tell me, how you gonna take a mack out?
Unless you got a masterplan but I know you ain't got one
Unless you gonna use a shotgun
Cause that's the only way that I'm gonna stop
As long as I'm alive I'ma live off hip-hop
I eat and drink it, yo, I even go to bed with it
Watch it, cause I can also take your head with it
Far from a regular, I got what you want
Put the tape in the deck and just bump
No need for fast forward nor rewind, my friend
From beginning to end the record's dope for the listenin
(How did you do it?) Well, I got a weapon
(Now what is that?) No half-steppin
Yeah, it means that I'm distant
Never comin close to a punk or a misfit
(You mean that you're dope?) Yeah, that's it exactly
You can't compare me to a wack MC
(What is a wack MC?) Well, it's one who can't flow
With no traits of a hip-hop pro
They try to go but no, they use the wrong tactics
Get on the mic and they all try to rap quick
Some can do it but most punks, they lose it
Racin with the music, lookin hella stupid
I know you're frownin cause it's facts I mention
But I play it cool like my boy Bart Simpson
T-Cap records will get an honourable mention
And I got a smile cause I have a large pension
Plan, I gotta let you know where I stand
I do a lotta damage with the mic in my hand
You get out of line and I'ma show you a thing or three
T dash to the C-a-p means
Top Choise Artist Productions
No room for fakin and flakin and snakin and bluffin
Suckers be suckin but I just pluck them
Break em and take em, then I leave em in the dust and
The teacher has taught so now you've learned a lesson
To never judge a mack by the first impression
I was 'callin your name' so yo, you thought I'd be never rough
But I worked you because I'm far from a regular

Yo, I wanna send a shout-out to the Capital Tax posse
MC Short E and AMW
El Dog
Rally Ral
Father Dominique
MC Tray C
Richie Rich
Too $hort and Too Clean
K-Cloud and The Crew with MC Valentine
Chicky Dee
Jim, Mike and Phil, my brothers
My manager Sugar Ray
and my producer Ron
MC Ant, Ant Banks and Terry T
And to those suckers out there
'You know Dangerous Dame gots to get one'
(Get what?)
A platinum album