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Artist: Dangerous Dame
Album:  I Got What You Want
Song:   City of Macks
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(Kick it to em, man)	--> Flavor Flav

[ VERSE 1: Dangerous Dame ]
Livin in the city of macks you can't be jokin
The city is called Oakland
Dame, and I'm one of the macks
Makin music, cuttin funky tracks on wax
You said I couldn't do it but man, I did it anyway
You wanna battle me? Hey, I battle any day
And any hour, any minute, any second
And any album, any single, any record
Cause what I'm sayin is this: I rock you anytime
I make you suffer when I bust a funky dope rhyme
I'm not your average everyday type of rapper
I beat you down and run you over like a tractor
And keep goin, showin that I'm the real thing
I'm not soft, step off, I don't sing
Not sayin singin is soft but soft is for people who sing
And no, it's not a prejudiced thing
It's just a saying that's said by the one who said it with game
From the D to the a-n-g-e-r-o-u-s Dame
Now I spelled it again but in a different type of pattern
And when you say that it's dope it's kinda flatterin
But I don't frown and put my nose up and ignore it
I crack a smile and say thanks cause hey, I'm all for it
But when a sucker tries to play me for a dum-dum
I have to let him know exactly where I'm comin from

(Kick it to em, man)
(Comin straight from Oakland)	--> Too $hort

[ VERSE 2: Dangerous Dame ]
This is the national anthem of the city we call Oakland
I made it for the trunks to bump when you're rollin
So keep it in mind to play it loud on the strip
And when you hear it you flip
Because it's straight on the mackin tip
Zeniths and Vogues I suppose are still poppin
Zapcos are rockin, drop-tops are droppin
Squattin, smokin it up plus the dippin
With Cougars and Chevs and all the cars that they be flippin
But listen, it's nothin but a everyday thang
In the Oakland California which is home of the Dame
And if you peep it Oakland's packed to the bone
With the Hammers, the $horts and the Tony Toni Tones
And the Dame, another name to add to the pile
From the O and don't you know I'm doin it Oakland style
With a smile, but under the smile is a straight face
Some punk get out of pocket, I don't put him in place
I just wait and hit him with a T-Cap rhyme on a record
Make him respect it, select it and feel neglected
So check it, cause murderin suckers might be hectic
So I just make em mad with the sales of my record
It's kind of simple, but then again it works like a charm
Never violent, cause peace never did me no harm
Number one was "My Oaktown" but this is a new track
The sequel, livin in the city of macks

Number one was "My Oaktown" but this is a new track
The sequel, livin in the city of macks

(MC Hammer...)
(Comin straight from Oakland)
(Sir Too $hort)
(Comin straight from Oakland)
(M-C Ant)
(Comin straight from Oakland)
(Comin straight from Oakland)
(Comin straight from Oakland)
(Dangerous Dame)
(Comin straight from Oakland)

(Comin straight from Oakland)