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Artist: Dangerous Dame
Album:  Escape From the Mental Ward
Song:   If You Got It You Got It
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now everybody wants to be an MC
father don was in line when he told it to me
see yous a actor trying to rap, now I just can not adapt
so stay the fuck away me, no compadre man I'm strapped
cause fakers cant fuck with the real
I know you can not take this but you must and you will
so bust if you will, I bust to the grill
and make them major labels say I must get a deal
but anti-black is the label that im true to
busting tight raps aint nothing that im new to
nigga get used to listening to the dame
or throw it in your ass way wicked with the game
now I got you sitting there tripping off the shit that I said
you want to take my place and you wish I was dead
steadily pray for my downfall, but I remain a playa
I kicks it in the flats and smoke some dank with Tayla
and laugh like im watching def comedy jam
man you know how many niggaz out there running around
saying, oh imma be the man, but they aint shit aint even
got a hit nigga, why dont you check my list nigga
aint it hella dick nigga, at you bustas I got to aim
rip out your body frame, lyrically potty trained to
take you marks out the game, from product to product
I drop hits if I wants to, but if you got it you got it
but if you dont you dont dude

If you got it, you got it, but if you dont you dont
some of us fall off, and some of us run
now how many MC's must get dissed
before you niggaz see you cant fuck with this

[Verse 2]
pay attention to every word this is ruff
and im turbocharged like sir fishes truck
I told you nigga what but you done listen up
they blow you style dead as fuck nigga pick it up
shit is scary, lacking that little berry
take you ass to the wack rap cemetery
fuck it im a top dollar, and you's a noodle
im busting like a rotwiller and you's a poodle
simple simon subjects, raps with no substance
competition is none thats what im up against
loving this, cause niggaz thought I never would
productiveness and shit that sounds hella good
Dangerous Dame never stood at a stand still
man chill, I pack the house like an ant hill
cause sister's she's existing me
and its a mystery for you to try to get with me
so reminise on the words of the great like bird
from the trait state, perved everyday
but im focused on the come up
dont think im coming down cause I won't
but if you got it you got it
but if you dont you dont

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3]
now let me O.G. this like Dr. J
so they get ? fast
drop your head and walk away
with your embarrassed ass
thats the way usually go
its just the same routine
rappers wanna use the flow, but I remain a king
swallow my face and bite my stai
you think a nigga dumb
EA-Ski and Rally Ral where did you get it from
no you aint the first to fight
the B-O double S always got me words to write
lets see who bubble next, niggaz know the whole school
you think they dont though, fool I control you
so get your own flow, I pound in this town
I will not flow to fake, now how would you sound if I stopped
dropping tapes, do you know? well you going to
do you like the styles that Dangerous Dame has been showing you
motherfucker I know you do, im over you, you think
of me when you see vocal boots, a local crew
oh no im just a soldier fool
im smoking boots just so you know the rules
dont try to felx up im just a true G
and when im dead you will still be trying to catch it to me

[Chorus in backround while Dame is talking to end]