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Artist: Da Backwudz
Album:  Wood Work
Song:   Feelin' Lonely
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I know you're feelin' lonely, I know that I'm not the only one
that you can call but keep me in mind....
This feeling of lust in haunting, not only me and wanting you
Think of a time and keep me in mind....

[Verse 1]
As she walks home from school
It's feelin' longer than
the years it takes a lil' boy to grow into a man
She's often ridiculed, people don't understand
she's being picked apart and scarred by her father's hand
And he's a wierd old man, and can't control his anger
liquor and drug abuse turned him to a total stranger
Perverted child abuser, molester and a rapist
his daughter's had enough, she can no longer take it
Withstand the hurt and pain, she's feelin' suicidal
her life is gettin' frail, her mind is always idle
Which let's the devil in, to do his dirty deeds
he shovels up the soil, after we plant the seeds
It's 20 after 4, she's on the tile flo'
in the girls bathroom, back against the stall do'
As she begins her ending, she keeps her eyes closed
syringe to her veins an adolescent overdose (DAMN)


[Verse 2]
His name was Rick, first captain of his football team
the senior class valedictorian high school king
Regualr jock, played sports baseball, track
run a 50-yard dash in 6 seconds flat
He got stacks of mail from differnt colleges
scholarship fundin', majorin' in Biology
You could say homey was popular, never phony
Until the people found out he dated men only. (MAN)
His reputation was in everybody's conversation
the peers who he considered friends had 2 faces
They chanted gay jokes, the scholarship erased
receivin' death threats plus a fam-i-ly disgrace
The stress accumulated, he couldn't take the pressha'
therefore he pulled the 9-millimeter from the dressa'
He took his life for bein' different than you or me
The same classmates wept at his eulogy. (MAN)


[Verse 3]
This was the summer time, you  know it's party time
after the cap and gown routine, they on the scene
Some of em' puffin' green, and tryin' different things
say for instance lil' Joey just tryin' to reach his dream
He's never slept wit' a girl he's a virgin
sex drive urgin', movin' like Excursions
His best friend told him to come over later on
he throwin' a house party cuz his parents leavin' home
He met a girl, short skirt, showin' off her body
They feelin' each other, excused themselves from everybody
It's finally goin' down it's really 'bout to happen, (happen)
his mind's so cloudy forgot to use a magnum. (DAMN)
A year down the road Joey's headed to the doctor checkin' on a bad cold, (bad cold)
as he sits on the table and he gaspin' for his breath
doctor said he had AIDS and got 6 months left. (DAMN)