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Artist: D.A. Smart
Album:  Walk Wit Me 12"
Song:   Walk Wit Me
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[Verse 1]
Put your left foot in front of your right foot and walk wit me
Through the city of chi where Vultures be
Have you heard that the city cried
Sociologists be tellin' me the city died
From all the murderin', gang bangin' and drug dealin'
Every 30 hours they find another body with some slugs in 'em
And ain't blood in it
This the Ill state nigga and ain't no love in it
Now we gon' start with the south side
Where GDs and BDs and Blackstones don't coincide
So let me be your tour guide
So when you in a certain area you will know what that hood ride
Now let's start with the Vulture where Folks'll throw up the fork sign to
niggaz they know They close to
At 49th and State some mingle
But just a few buildings north you got BDs throwin' 3 fingers
They call that The Low
But back on 53rd and State them MCs be runnin' the hole
You got police stations up in the Taylor
They there, but they can't save ya
Walk wit me
I'm just here to remind ya
That if ya plug you need to know exactly who to throw up your sign to
Cause from that mere folly
You might have your family come and identify your body
So walk wit me

Don't underestimate the south side
Come in actin' like you hard they'll leave your mouth wide
And on the east there's no peace
Catch one in the head and end up dead in the streets
And don't attempt to try the west side
They'll kill you just to show ya that they the best side
This is the city where the vultures be
So put your left foot in front of your right foot and walk wit me

[Verse 2]
At 51st and goin' west
You in Moe town where niggaz throw up the sign after they hit they're chest
On 61st and Cottage Grove
To 6-trey
Blackstones run that area and they sportin' braids
Fuller Park and Terror Town
Remember the fort, them devils had to tear it down
But on 87th and Jeffrey them niggaz are Vice Lords
Committed to they livin' and all willin' to die for it
Back in Lake Side it's full of GDs
But GDs and BDs are runnin' Pax Town and Lawn City
Jeffrey Manor up to the Ickes
Ida B. Wells, just stay aware, ya'll with me
Can't miss Cabrini
This is the crime livin' city
I go to the mosque on 73rd and Stony so they can uplift me
Cause this really gets to my stomach
Get back in the car, let's take a trip to the Wild, Wild 100s, uh
Roseland is a livin' hell
Bodies droppin off Yale
From 10-trey to Riverdale
You can go to Country Club and Calumet with me
Close proximity but that's not considered the city
So hit me on a page if there's somethin' you wanna know
About major crime areas of Chicago
Almost anything you wanna know you can talk to me
But if you wanna see it
Walk wit me


[Verse 3]
Let's take a trip to the west side
Where people in they opinion are tellin' me it's the best side
Some even say it's the fresh side
But far as my conviction I consider it is the death side
They be bustin' niggaz at stop signs
Over 2000 police and still inadequate as to stop crime
And everytime a niggaz wetta
He go to Mt. Sinai hospital
Cause they'll kill you in Loretta
Now let me tell you where the hood's dwell
Like in K-town where them BGs be throwin' up the triple L
Them niggaz shoot the coppers down
We even got New Breeds on the south side in Pocket Town
They runnin' the Village for sure
But on 16th and Kostner
You mostly gonna see them Souls
They be throwin' up the one
Now let's go see them Insane Vice Lords on the avenue in Austin
They are the craziest I ever saw
And they forgot about them Gangsta Disciples over on Wastenaw
Homan used to be full of Unknowns
Like Chicago avenue now that's the place where them Conservatives roam
You get caught slippin' if ya wanna
Cause them Travelin' Vice Lords will be waitin' on ya on California
See Chi's full of hard brothas
Have you been through Central avenue the land of them 4 Corner Hustlas
Waitin' just to rush ya
You can get traced in chalk and see
Or you can be on the safe side nigga and walk wit me