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Artist: Da Band
Album:  Too Hot for T.V.
Song:   Tonight
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[Intro: P. Diddy]
Ladies and gentlemen (Bad Boy)
It's about that time..
The moment you've all been waiting for (Let's roll)
Da Band (Talk to 'em)

[Bridge: Sara]
Something happens when you touch me (Yeah)
I get open, and my leg starts quivering
This sensation, emotions take control of me (That's right)
Is it temptation, I don't know what's come over me (Woo)

Yeah baby (Tonight!) tonight's the night
I'ma ride that thang like a motor bike
Grab my waist and hold it tight, I'm not frontin'
You think I bought a box of Lifestyles for nothin'?
Please, I got blunts, you supply the weed
I'm the best, so baby keep yo' eyes on me
It's about time, I get mine, nigga I'm ready
And sex ain't the bomb if the girl ain't sweaty (Yeaahh)

Listen ma, we've been chillin' out for a minute
And right now I'm in the mood to straight hit it
We know enough about each other, I've been patient-look
But every nigga got his limits, I'm tired of waitin'
I feel like tonight is the night
To get bucky-ball-naked and make love all night
You ain't gotta worry about me bustin' in quick seconds
I can handle mine, plus I'm young and energetic, is you ready? (Ooh)

Sara: Tonight!
Babs: Yeah daddy I know you want it cuz its extra tight
Ness: Yeah mami I'm gonna make sure its extra right
Sara: I'll be your mary-jane, it ain't a game I'll get you high
Sara: High!
Babs: I'm a bad girl and bad girls do bad things
Ness: And I'm a bad boy so girlfriend do your thing
Sara: DooDooDadadadadadadaadadaaaaaa

So hurry up ma show me your sign (Tonight!)
I've been peepin' you all night, and you're alright
The reason I'm starin', I'm comparin' some things we may have in common
And tear your garments, on our plane to Bahamas
I love how you abuse the charm
You got a bad boy, it's time to leave dem fools alone (Yeah!)
Any place that you stay, I can move your home
I'm talkin', shoppin' sprees from weeks in Rome
Leave the airport, four in the mornin' we gone
Off to Paris to meet Sean
I can't disappoint Mister Combs
But first I need the number to your phone


[Bridge: Sara]
Something happens when you touch me (So high, so high, so high)
I get open, and my leg starts quivering
This sensation, emotions take control of me
Is it temptation, I don't know what's come over me

You ain't gotta act Bourgeois or be all up tight
Tonight's the night, E-Ness'll put up a fight
I'm the best that you ever had in ya life
If it turn out right fuck around gettin' married tonight
Rock that hand off the one night stand
Hop in the van, go in a honeymoon in Amsterdam
Tomorrow mornin' we gon' drive back home
And smoke lines so we can watch the Twilight Zone

I wanna have in the kitchen, put up on the dresser
Show ya in the closet, then undress ya
Treat ya like a one night stand, give you da pressha
Make you hit high notes, like R&B singas (will ya)

[Chorus 2x]

Sara:     Tonight!
P. Diddy: It's Bad Boy baby
Sara:     Hoooo
P. Diddy: Da Band, Ness, Chopper, Freddrick, Sara, Babs Bunny, and Dylan
Sara:     Heeeyyy - Tonighhhhhttttttt
P. Diddy: Too Hot For T.V., Too Hot For T.V. lets go