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Artist: Doobie Smooth f/ H.A.W.K
Album:  Get Crunk 12"
Song:   Get Crunk
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{*Doobie Smooth says "Get Crunk" in the background of the Hook*}

(Hook: repeat 2x)
I'ma make my trunk pop,
I got 15's beatin down ya block
I'm smokin on killa green
blowin on green if you know what I mean

(Verse 1: Doobie Smooth)
who wanna Get Crunk,who wanna get high
who wanna drop 5 on the chocalate thai
hop in my ride tell me what you wanna spend
we can score a whole ounce and start off with 
a ten,you can't forget the pineapple juice 
and the jin back door that with the mothafuckin
hen,white cup purple drank and its filled to the brim
rollin with the H.A.W.K blowin twiny twin twin
lookin for a lil friend I can bang on the downlow
I wanna put my dick in ya mouth ya'll know 
we blow up,roll up lean for real bout to hit the highway
in a clean Seville,I did a sweet in the bar
so its slow to burn I really ain't concerned
who or ya'll (??) I'ma make ya head turn everytime
I flip,keep a bald fat sweet 
and some drank I sip now Get Crunk

(Hook 2x)

(Verse 2: H.A.W.K)
Get Crunk,Get Crunk with the H.A.W.K
smoke a blunt pop trunk when you leave your
driveway,undela undela time to hit the highway
sippin syrup in Alexandria and listenin to (??)
by the way in my time of lyrical 
blowed in Louisiana and my ice will freeze ya
I love to please ya if you a yella bone
we can smoke a whole zone get high and get gone
I'm ridin on Chrome
keepin on totin,keep my eyes open steadily
drinkin and smokin killa weed got me chokin
it must be hyrdo
regular weed I dont blow now thats a no no
in my six tahoe wide body hard top
twenty inches chop chop
and my paint flip flop
Doobie Smooth in the drop and we hoppin the scene
if you real Get Crunk,If you know what I mean,Get Crunk

(Hook 2x)

(Verse 3: Doobie Smooth)
who wanna Get Crunk,who wanna get loaded 
got purple pills and I'm bout to over dose e'm
side to side motion cloud nine floatin
fifteen dollars now moesha got me open
I be on the alchohol or pill
blingin the green Screens be fallin
cell phone callin
Southside ballin my shit never stailin
its screwed up click and Suicide records
now we all up in yo grill blowin big kill Louisiana,
Texas whats the damn deal a mac in my hand
drank in my cup R.I.P P-A-T and my cousin Peanut
and all my real souljas the game aint over
tryna come through in the candy range rover
I'm just keep smokin I'ma just keep blingin until
the whole mothafuckin world get there lean in

(Hook Repeat 2x)

If you wanna Get Crunk with me 
come ride with me 
I'll po' up the lean you roll 
the green Get Crunk with me
So lets Get,lets Get,Crunk (2x's)