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Artist: Doobie Smoov f/ 2Phace, Big Mal
Album:  Make the World Lean
Song:   I Don't Give a Fuck
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[Big Mal singing/Doobie Smoov talking]

[Chorus:Big Mal rp3x]
I Don't Give A Fuck
about none of you hoes
none of you hoes
none of you hoes

[Verse one:2Phace]
see I was born in the ghetto
hustled and played in the gutter
religise resently was spoon fed to
me and my brother I tryed
to follow the guide lines be slick
and hide mine but due to the increase
in the snitch rate I'm still fallin
on sidelines see I got 200-hoes
and dont give a fuck about naan one
of e'm at an any given time
I'll get my last dime from Marijuana
aint a damn thing changed I still shake
the dice called life but I stay away
from snake eyed niggas thats tryna play
the game shiest if I get a Suburban
he gon' say he gotta Excursion
and if I play cardiyah then he gon' say
he icebergin you gon' get what you deservin
fuckin around wit Mr. 2
you can bite my dick and piss on yo shoes
is what I'm fixin to do
put a exlax in yo yahoo make you shit
in yo Fubu since I dont give a fuck
I'll stick dick to yo wife and make her
go coo-coo thats how I do
I'm about my riches fuck the snitches
if you got my last CD you should know
I had all you bitches cause

[Chorus:Big Mal rp3x]

[Verse Two:Doobie Smoov]
I kinda feel like niggas aint playa
no mo I see the plex
in effect soon as I hit the doe
pimpin aint easy believe me
when it come to fuckin yella bones
you cant see me I put that on the grill
and the slab I'm given less then a fuck
I'm smokin octimo's poin out the 4's
hollerin at the hoes wit that nigga 2Phace
tekela shots straight with the lemon chase
listen mothafucker it gets no rougher
hatas get bounce like Trigger man and T-tucker
these busters got they name in they mouth
like gold grill pop a pill smokin sweets
in my automobile oh yes I'm still the real deal
showin hell of a skill workin the mic
like wood wheel southside niggas feel this
I'm sayin one for you hoes,two for you snitches,
three  for you niggas out here actin like bitches

[Chorus:Big Mal rp3x]

[Big Mal]
look at the yella bone
exquisit to her thighs
she shakin it move away in
a thong thong thong
she freakin Big Mal from
straight from his head to his toes
I dont,you dont give a fuck hoes
look at the yella bone
exquisit to her thighs
she shakin it move away in
a thong thong thong
she freakin the click
straight from they head to they toes
you dont give,we dont give a fuck about hoes

[Verse Three:Doobie Smoov/2Phace]
where the real playas at?
where the real playas at?
where the silk sachi shirt piece
and chains and dolb hats
ball bats get smoked on hoes get poked
on we the typa niggas that you gotta
call them folks on
no slow songs unless its watts
or screwed up I treat hoes like callin cards
talk to them till' they used up
you know me I'm sippin syrup and a blunt nigga
not the type to stunt nigga
pull a hundred hoes a month nigga

[Chorus:Big Mal rp3x]