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Artist: Doobie Smoov f/ DP
Album:  Make the World Lean
Song:   Crunk
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[Doobie Smoov]
(*inhales*)Graveyard bitch

[Doobie Smoov]
I was born in da south so the
south I'm gon' die but in the mean
time everyday I'ma be high because I
might loose my life on these streets
tonight but when I wake up in da morning
everything is alright my heads tighter
then yo pussy fo' that nigga pop yo cherry
smokin on Louisiana's finest Halley Berry
ces as I rest my hand on that 3-80 alotta
niggas hate me but they cant fade me
got my bitches in check you bustas cause me
no threat murder who murder me but I aint dead
yet now Mr. Doobie Smoov comin down like rain
smokin blunts popin vik's aint a damn thing changed
I'm just slammin that jammin that screw up
in slow motion a nigga solo smokin through yo
nieghborhood I'm coastin floatin to free my mind
just like in vouge and I dont be given a fuck
about no hoe thats real nigga deal wit a Louisiana
pimp I'm steadily smokin hemp put the flame
to da tip you know that Graveyard's in dis bitch
and all you hoes can have a coke and smile
cause tradin putang for weed now that aint my style
shit baby Bob Marley's what they call me
leave it up to me I'll blow the whole world a charge
and we gon' get crunk.....

we gon' get crunk
lets get drunk
lets get high so high

[Doobie Smoov]
livin life up in that smoke zone
nigga you know its so on that herb
is in the air we smokers extrondar
while stanky dank be the bomb stanky pussy
is a no no if yo pussy smell like chronic
then yo ass has gots to go hoe
slow yo fuckin role and dont be shiesty
wit that killa cause dis is yo boy
and you's my nigga fuck fo' niggas and one
blunt just waiting for turns let be fo' niggas
and fo' blunts and everybody can burn
my concern aint the mothafuckin laws at this
time infact its if this fuckin ounce is wieghin
right in exact 28 my shit is straight now its
time for me to blow somethin I'm waitin on this
white boy wit some pills to let me know somethin
no somethin no front smoke fest can you see me
on the porch of the house in alley smokin sweet leaf
they say what you gon' do when the weed run
dry well I'ma smoke a beata and cool out
I got that shawdre screwed out.....

[Chorus:DP rp2x]

[Doobie Smoov]
lets get crunk wit five blunts and
a fifth of Alize not just tonight but every
mothafuckin day I pray that up in heaven
thier'll be fields fulla weed a pound a two
for you a pound a two for me baby its all about
the killa mayn mothafuck the bamma so much guingia
we gon' make Jamiaca in Louisiana cause yo ass
aint ballin if yo ass aint burnin put some
Nightquill on yo blunt and dry it out and fry it
out I still smell like a pound real tight twisted
Hillfiger conversation got me gamin on these niggas
like a real nigga they say Mr. Doobie Smoov yo herb is
on fire but I dont need no water let the mothafucka burn

[Chorus till end]