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Artist: Dark Lotus
Album:  Black Rain
Song:   That's Me
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"The music might sound strange and beautiful. It might feel disembodied..
boundless, spinning helplessly through space..."

[Jamie Madrox]
That's me - the one you see awaken in dreams
Saint or sinner, the message is embedded in the mixture
Hungry as they might come
Raised from the dirt and scum, and programmed to be no one

That's me - straight up out my tree and out my shit
In the alley, with a gat looking to bash your head wit it
Watch your blood drain outcha skull onto the ground
And take ya to my grave where you will never be found

[Jamie Madrox]
That's me - not giving a fuck again
unstoppable and crazy I don't have to pretend
Not Rocky, but I'm sure to rock your skull
Drink saki, when I'm smokin' monkey paw

That's me - kids call me Cousin Louie
Cause my slug of rocks by my side on the daily
It talks to me, it tells me who to ride on (ride on)
We are a team and it's your life we decide on (C'mon)

You think you know me
And my Juggalo style (DARK LOTUS!)
Who dat is? (THAT'S ME!)
Who dat is? (THAT'S ME!)
Who dat is? (THAT'S ME!)
Who dat is? (THAT'S ME!)
Ya think they in?
They all wannabe down (DARK LOTUS!)
Who dat is? (THAT'S ME!)
Who dat is? (THAT'S ME!)
Who dat is? (THAT'S ME!)
Who dat is? (THAT'S ME!)

[Monoxide Child]
That's me - standin' in a puddle of blood
Smokin' a fat ass blunt cuttin' it up like WHUT??
Feelin' really lonely, and all my homies are dead
At least that's what the voices in my head just said


[Shaggy 2 Dope]
That's me - I'm all up in ya mug, don't get it punched
Knock knock (who is it) Now ya lips all fucked up!
When I stop, my rims stop too
Then I peel back out on ya face ya motherfucker you

[Monoxide Child]
That's me - crazy, in a fucked up van
I gotta house and the cops are just making me mad
Negioations just fell though, watch it on the news
Because I shot that motherfucker right here in plain view

[Shaggy 2 Dope]
That's me - what bitch? You got something to say
While my knuckles always catch your teeth
Prints are all up in 'em, ooh
I skin 'em, why your face so rough?
Little duct tape on the fingers and I back the fuck up


[Anybody Killa]
That's me - right behind you, mad as hell, nose flarin'
Makin' all the strange sounds in ya face, starin'
Knockin' over trash cans, breakin' fourty bottles
Killin from the streets I'ma ghetto role model

[Violent J]
That's me - in a clown wig, swinging a machete
Big blood on my chest to bring the party like confetti
That's me - spittin' wicked shit, fuck encore
I throw knives in the crowd and have em running for the door

[Anybody Killa]
That's me - that's right, ya shoulda known a little better
I be squashin' motherfuckers for whatever, whenever
Sprinkle dust from the dead inside your favorite drink
and sit back and laugh and watch that fat ass head shrink

[Violent J]
That's me - the virgin pussy popper, neck chopper
Swingin' blades like a helicopter, murder-a lotta
That's me - ya notice, I die for the Lotus
Like a kamikaze I hit the vocal and I blow this..