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Artist: Curren$y
Album:  Weekend at Burnie's (Mixtape)
Song:   What's What
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I'm not new to this I grew in this
Jet pimpin 420 vision maneuvering
Not injured though, limping when I walk
That's that Max Julien who's cooler than
Broke bitches don't waste time pursuing them
I like my chicks speedy bag minicoopering, Karmaloop'd and shit
I can use you bitch, I see something in you we can blow up
Like time bombs if you got an open mind
We can post for a moment but not now
Your homie tryna do a little bit more for ya ma
So it would behoove you if you play it cool
Fake quality time with dude, laugh at his jokes cause he far from broke
Fleecing for his dough, order some equipment for us
Put it in the studio when we not sure who we know
So we got keep it on the low, keep him in the blind
And you can sneak out every night

Get your back to your house before the sun come up
Homie won't know what's what