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Artist: Curren$y
Album:  Weekend at Burnie's (Mixtape)
Song:   One Life
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1: Curren$y]
Well, in these times, well at least to I
It's a whole lot of niggas trying to sound like
That's why I put the flow in a cocoon
Transform it into something new
Created my winter raps in June
Stored them in the vineyard, it'll be November when you hear em
I bought these J's in '99, you just seeing 'em now
You might see me on TV with 'em
Might see me in the streets conversating with killers
I was laid up poppin' bottles smoking loud with my bitches
I own planes to Vegas with Street Wiz and the Villain
Feelin' like it could all happen tonight
Roll the dice, if you scared turn the lights on
Thought we was all meetin' here
Where did all of these mice come from?
Stop tweeting babygirl, roll up, light somethin'
Monsta Beatz is in the speakers and I'm tryna write somethin'

[Chorus: Curren$y]
One life we live, highed up
Everybody wishing they was us
It's easy to see
I, too, would wanna be the man with the pounds
And the million dollar plan

[Verse 2: Curren$y]
Right quick, hit a quick right
In a Chevelle '72 Double-S with the stripes
I orchestrated this organization of niggas chasin' paper
Break a pound down, have a roundtable discussion
Like, 'I think the lil' homie fucking up'
Pull him to the side, get him right, I'm getting high
Tryna keep my profile low
Hoes digging after my gold, I'm on 'em though
Commando, Rambo, ammo
Rappefied aim at a lame nigga bitch like I'm sayin'
I'm finna roll, babygirl, you playin'
Fourteen inch [?] with the white walls on the Cutlass
With the suede buckets
Sold a Regal with the vouges and the mayonnaise mustard ties
My [?] like
'Who them new niggas?' She don't trust them guys
Watch 'em babygirl, you could be my extra set of eyes
It's treacherous and it's live