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Artist: Curren$y f/ Trademark Da Skydiver
Album:  Soundtrack to Success (S)
Song:   Soundtrack to Success
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Trademark Da Skydiver]
Been on some other shit
Fly clothes, expensive kicks
They say my swag immaculate
And I agree that's accurate
Fuckin hoes and stackin chips
Ice on my neck and wrists
Blowin down a pound of piff
Ridin round in foreign whips
Flyin saucer Porsche
Yea I call that bitch the aero ship
Hatas hatin on my click
And on the slick we loving it
This rap shit we runnin it
Niggas ain't fuckin with the planes
What you think we in the game for the fun of it?
Nah, this the takeover
Burnin down your empire that's game over
Not J-I-double G-A Hova
But Skydiver the jet fighter
I'm so focused
28 bar inferno I'm flamethrowin
Nigga been potent way before the game noticed
And these rap niggas is bogus
Talkin reckless over tracks
But I fire back with pure perfection
Steps above clever
How I use my letters
But em together and send em out
Just like I'm textin a message
Diamond in the rough
Princess cuts on my neckless
I'm eatin Franklin for lunch
Purp blunts for breakfast
Your lil tips is brunch crumbs
I'm not impressed with
Hold On
Won't you give me a second to digest this
Then I shit on these niggas $pitta tell em!

Y'all ain't got shit on my nigga

[Trademark the Skydiver]
You should quit while you ahead with the bread
Just a suggestion
We scrape your whole plate
Then double back for seconds
If we getting cake is no longer a question
We still count loot up from last years investments
Ask your hoe
She know I'm one of the freshest out
I spit it out
Like my chest was congested
Let that bitch breathe!

Nah Sky Diver let the bitch leave
Ol' raggedy broad I ain't never need
Bitches is on speed
Fuckin like rabbits
They hungry
Followin my carrots
Housed in my ring
Lookin like 46 upside down Cristal bottles sittin in a basket
UFC these beats
Any track can get its ass whipped
I am on my cheddar
All about checks like
Some of y'all ain't on that
Yall behind
Sucka niggas get on whacks in startin line
Fairy tale once upon a time ass niggas
Goin out they minds tryna out rhyme Spitta
Let that bitch breathe
Sky Diver knocked them out
I came through with the elbow drop from the top rope