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Artist: Curren$y
Album:  Reagan Era (S)
Song:   Reagan Era
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Can you see those?

For all of the bitches I might ake home
Spray my shirt down Dolce and Gabbana cologne
Comin' down like my homeboys from Houston
Got my celly on silent I'm ignoring my phone
Diamond Diamonds in my band cuz that's right where they belong
Like a trumpet or some symbols or a set of trombones
Yo bitch chose to rome in the Spitta zone
Now you drunk watching E.T. wishin' she phone home
But deep in ya heart you knowin' she won't
cuz I'm a different type of nigga and that's just what she want
Ground breakin' Dr. J's first dunk
Stealing bases Willie Mays I'm gone
Can't play the backfield no more I just don't
Think that's where I belong I do better on my own
Swag crucial honestly it gotta be
Cuz niggas that you listenin' to probably stole they style from me
Bitter never I come up with something better
Have to catch an elevator all the way up to my level
Playing Metal Gear Solid
On a Playstation 3 for 6 hours
My girl in the bedroom asleep, but I'm not tired
I would call over a couple of my partners
But them niggas loud they don't know how to be quite
Shawty gone wake up and come up in here wildin'
Hollerin' Keysha did Tommy
If you ain't seen Bailey you don't know nothing about it
What else could you tell me, but my flow so polished
Took it up a notch with the rhymin'
Try to bury Spitta in the grave at the bottom
Climbed up out it
Knock you in the same hole and stand on top it
Consistent flow Curren$y the high Spitta stay so on topic
Other niggas lost they need to see the Golden Compass
Brother I'm a boss like Ross
Spitta nigga hot like sauce
At the AND1 game breakin' motha fuckas off
I had a good job I thought
But I couldn't get along with the people in charge
I grabbed my time card punched out I'm off
Soft spoken, but a nigga not soft
Not at all
Real nigga stand tall for something
Make sure I don't fall for nothing
In this game it's pain for the up and coming
No handouts cuz niggas don't owe you nothing
Gotta do it for Dolo
Flashbacks to the conversations that took place between Face and Manolo
The World chico and everything in it
If I said it I meant it
I get it I spend it
Comfotable livin' till the motha fuckin' finish
If I'm in it then you know it's not tinted
If I'm in it then you know it got a nice engine
You could be a mile away and still hear it
That's classic American Muscle
Stole my bitches numbers and an Ipod Shuffle
I call her over to cut her you call her over to cuddle
Knock yaself out boy you can'y knock my hustle
I'm fresh, dressed like a million bucks
Labels offerin checks for a million bucks
Ask Roddy if he thought a million was enough
He said yes cuz he could hit the streets and triple it up

[Chorus: 3X]
I'm a member of a Fly Society
Styles I got several varieties
As a child this guy memorized Scarface in its entirety
The 80s drug era inspried me
That's why I dress how I dress
Walk how I Walk
That's why I rep what I rep
Talk how I Talk
Two rope chains both of em gold
I gotta swagga like I just came home whoa