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Artist: Curren$y
Album:  Pininfarina (S)
Song:   Pininfarina
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Bitch, you ain't got nothing on the rich
Every other day my whole dress code switch
Cause it keep getting bit
I had to lay low like they was looking for the kid
All points bulletin, bathing ape hoodies in
My sports car internet star
Killing niggas digitally like they SOCOM
I'm so calm in the mist of the storm
Nonchalant, but I'm very aware what's going on
Fuck mowing the grass for the snakes, I set fire to the lawn
Baked Spitta kill beats, send flowers to the wake
Couple hoes deliver some roses and the cake
What you want, stop the jets fool you must be on
More than one, no shots I'm just making it known
I got a gun, got a walk smoking on, pop
Shit wicked in the city trying to survive, then you should stick with me
Ya'll don't want to be the duck to get stuck, when the situation turns sticky
Do your research, homework, history
Iceberg, denim jackets opened up a fresh package of hanes t-shirts
Wifebeaters, white as my next door neighbors
White as my bottom bitch Mercedes
White as squares on the checkered flag when it's waving
We winning, needless to say it
Throw some away and some to the cleaners
Champagne stain shit, Spitta get lifted like sanctions
Vocabulary gangster, my ink pen has shanked me
Jet life til the
Coffins dropped in the grave, get filled up
But for now, I'mma live my life lit up
That coupe got some get up
Foreign supermodel pent up
Inside of it she doing chin ups
I'm riding home boy, you should come get up

Pandemonium, four black SUV's on the road for him
When he landing, pandemonium
Bitches running up, not sure which one he rolling in
Yeah man, pandemonium
Throwback flow, Deloreans petroleum
King Jahphi Joe had his women throw roses on the floor for him
Pandemonium (yeah)

[Verse 2]
Side betting at the street races
10,000, my wager on that Camaro with the craters
My eyes completely asian, but open the scoping for haters
They hoping I'm off on my basis
Swear this weed so elegant, we should grow the shit in vases
Niggas you scared of, see me in clubs in St. Casius
They in the streets, I'm in the rap game similar risks we both taken
Parking dope boy rides outside my enterprise celebrating
Cause both of our sides made it
Continuous elevation, I exhibited faith and
Patience, at the same time I went and got mine
I wasn't waiting, it's a thin line might wanna count your paces
Before you cross it, this game a come up and losses
That's trill boss shit, what you know about it
Pandemonium, feel like when a bad bitch come roll for him