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Artist: Curren$y
Album:  Here... (Mixtape)
Song:   What the Fuck
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

This thing of ours
Got me driving sports cars 200 miles per hour
Parked outside a 5-star hotel lobbies
Drunk models leaving the bar legs all wobbly
Bitch choose 'fore you lose, get a chance at excitement
This how life get, when you pilot with the owners, the one's who set prices
Bringing that green sticky cactus to your cypher
I won't pass it, don't even bother asking, this for my jet lifers
Never dyers, chevy riders, front liners, wants the finer, things designer
My best bitches get flights to London, ticket to Madonna I ain't even coming
I'm 2012 Rolex Regatta, St. Thomas buying diamonds for my momma
Put that on my momma, that's gonna look so good on my momma
When I put that on my momma, and so continues the saga
Another day another dollar, another club night, another 40 popped bottles
Them bitches bought their own way we ain't even have to buy 'em
Andretti Corleone Jet Life Fly Mafia
Smell my cologne I'm smelling like a big deal
Heavy profit, smelling like don't trip homeboy I got it
Smelling like deep pockets, higher than a helicopter
Spit that ignorant shit but I deliver it so proper
You couldn't see me with binoculars, church homie gospel
Impossible to do it bigger than me we do it colossal
Talking money out here and I'm digging like I'm looking for fossils
Triple OG some y'all niggas to childish, can't eat round me'
Bring them little boys to McDonalds they playing
What the fuck

We pull V12 engines into private parking lots, by way of secret entrance
We in the building now, rooftop never been up here huh?
You can't come through alone without somebody from my set to vouch for you homes
Take it all in love, you around some grown men
The chosen know when the going get tough, the tough roll up and keep right the fuck going
Champagne pouring every morning, celebration God kept us we made it
He ain't let them haters take us
He gave us another 24 hours to scour after that paper
A towel where I lay up
Little momma in a Jet Life monogram towel applying makeup
For wherever the day may take us
Skybox suite catered, Clippers versus Lakers
Los Angeles vacation, a little work a little of that playing
I'm saying... what the fuck