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Artist: Curren$y & Styles P
Album:  #The1st28 EP
Song:   Rule Book
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Styles P]
I just wanna live like a Huxtable
Blow a lil' kush, a nigger is gettin' comfortable
It's only my niggas that I'm bumpin' to
Prolly be a nigga in a circle that I dump into

It's big money deals or the lil' ones
If you ain't talkin' no money, niggas'll pull a lil' gun
And leave yo ass dead for a lil' somethin
That's why I always make a killin' somethin

You can save the fuck boy feedback
I be in ya bitch like the weed bag
I'm always askin' where the g's at
100%, authentic, you can believe that

Used to live in the welfare motels
Now I say farewell leavin' the hotels
A nigga live up in the five star
Money go around like the button on a ipod

Flyin' high with my niggas and you know we live the best life
Block life
Gettin' guap with my niggas, sittin' pretty at the stop lights
Sex drugs and rock and roll until we hit the next life
Block life
Pick a dealer, call the work, I betchu I'm a cop right

That paper ain't makin' me no different
Just making my collections a lil bigger
The architecture in my cribs a lil' iller
Than it is where you live, but I ain't downin' you my nigga

I'm just tellin' you to go and get it
Cause when I find it, I ain't hidin' it on no bitch shit
I can't do it for you man, but I can help you hustle if you strugglin'
Jet life, I'm accustomed

To them luxury things
What this rap money brings
Houses with the elevators, cars with the wings
Bitches on the quest for them rings

That allows them to possess, garnishments at yo checks
So I protect my neck
Movin' on to the next
Swingin' in and out of lanes in that grand sport vette

My mind on my cash, my foot is on the gas
Gettin' high, keepin' my profile low as my tires

[Chorus x2]