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Artist: CunninLynguists f/ Del The Funky Homosapien
Album:  Strange Journey Volume Three
Song:   Strange Universe
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[Del The Funky Homosapien]
Yo, jumped out the starship, hittin Illuminati 
Hi-fivin Zentradi, karate chopping martians 
Sparks in the brain chamber, way braver 
Came with more anger and danger than gang bangers 
Megabeast in the space house, some will never see the 
energy resonating, they steady hating 
Lost on a foreign installation, spinning wayward on 
an asteroid, aim at it, laugh and destroy 
Master noise, feel the flame, kill the game 
Resilient frame of mind, never contain 
The nano-tech disease get sneezed out, degrees out-
lined and defined what it be about I see it now 
Electro-convulsive therapy got 'em aware of the 
clarity, being compromised in the air they breathe 
Fear is weak, better to bully they way around 
with chemtrails, Phase One, ready to chow down 

[Chorus: Del] 
Stranger in they own skin 
Danger from they own kin, something controlling them 
Covert undercover 
Emotional rollercoaster make 'em hurt one another 
Stranger than fiction
Anger predicts the probability of friction 
Where does it lead to? 
The information vehicle, what does it feed to you? 

Yea, well.. 
We riding on beams of light, quite blinding 
Shining like diamonds worn by Orion 
Holodeck dining, glitches that sneak swine in 
Blazing at a speed that threatens to fold time in 
Crop signing,  fresh to death start signing 
Grab cigarillos, we leaving in t-minus 
Gold diggers, grab picks, start mining 
Expertise needed proceed to start climbing 
Or give 'em two shoulders, born from cold climates 
Hittin hyper drive in the whip that you're hype to drive 
Space invaders, clicked up with one side 
With 2-bit movements we leave 'em stranded on stupid 
Smoking earth and regroupin, reach the moon then we moon them 
This journey is strange as the range that I reach when I'm shroomin


"It's gonna be a long, long journey.."
"It's gonna be a long, long journey.."
"It's gonna be a long, long journey.."
"Prepare to get started early.."