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Artist: CunninLynguists f/ Devin the Dude
Album:  Dirty Acres
Song:   Wonderful
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[Verse 1: Natti]
Girls random at the grocery with their hips on swole
Reaches for the Mop-N-Glow lettin' that backside show
Cus she know, that's why she glance back so slow
Avoiding eye contact before this lust thang grow
Damn! Miss Ma'am with the mammary glands
To hug you from the back I'd need two extra hands
Sex by the cans with the okra and yams, damn
Imagination pacin', turnin' me hound
All stores say "Seeing-eye dogs allowed"
And yes, the flesh is willing and oh so able
Mind blind from video hoes and cable
I only grind dimes, is that close to faithful?
Ain't in the race, don't mean I can't look out the stable
Don't call me a smut, we be better than that
I'll be Dr. Massuese, you can be the cat in my lap
Let's be Energizer bunnies with the batteries back

Girl you so lovable
So soft and touchable
But I don't wanna fall (In love)
Completely huggable
Wonderfully fuckable
And you know that's what you are, you are

[Verse 2: Devin the Dude]
You're looking jazzy, with a touch of nasty 
But you walk right past me, don't do me that way
I'm staring at you at the club for about an hour and a half 
And you smelling like you just took a shower and a bath
And those curves? Aw, they strike a nerve 
From your nose to your toes, your whole body's superb
And... I'm sure you got a mind too
And with my head, I can get behind you 
If you want something solid... I got it
I keep my game and my thang polished
Huh, I'm just trippin'... girl let's just dip outta here
I got weed, wine, liquor and beer
At the spot, why not? Girl, you fine as fuck
Don't say no girl, don't do me like dat
Huh, I don't wanna offend ya, but I do wanna put my thang in ya


[Verse 3: Deacon]
I was gone off her features soon as I seen mamacita
Her tongue playing with the straw in her margarita
Puckering lips showin' me she got jaws to eat a
Dick Cheney told me watch my heart and not her features
But Jesus, I don't mean to be in vain
But I'd tip ya with my tithe money just to get a name
Bartender, could you tell her to give me a shot
If not, Woodford on the rocks and make it a double
Might holla later on the block, not lookin' for struggle
But for an out of world experience hop in my shuttle
Fresh out the muzzle, trained like good hair
Come chop it up with me there's some good wood here
Get lucky in Kentucky if you play the odds right
Where brothers'll serenade a broad like