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Artist: Culture VI
Album:  Elite
Song:   Up in Smoke
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Up In Smoke

Well if you know what it's like a cold cell drunk frozen at night
You're prob'ly like me try'na gain control of life
But sometime it takes over that's when I grab a gun and just think
Yo' fuck life man I'm under the brink
Music escapes a parasite chooses his fate
Prior to gunfights you sign ya' will as soon as it breaks
And this is real I want rendezvous spots and prize money
Not lethal injection which manifest the equal intentions
Of them grime thunnys holdin down ya' local street block
That gave the notion of commotion cities open detox
The cleansing begins without trees the most paranoid yo'
Inflictin' in situations that most can't avoid
For sure caps have backfired bodies been caught
Quarterbacks is necropheliacs when shotties get cocked
And once ya' shit is cocked pull it
Cuz if not you might see yourself goin' crazy
Thinkin' you can use your back to block bullets

Yo it's the main cause of niggaz depictin' this came wrong
With a spliff it don't take long to commence to a brain war Sonny
High when I'm writin' this shit like the sky
When it's lightnin' and thunderin' now my mind could adjust it
Public and toxic and seein' life in different degrees
If I want it I got it especially when hittin' this green
I ain't even gotta struggle my rappin' is kind of puzzled
Hard to get a grip chief smoke relaxin' my muscle
Sober niggaz hold it down I keep my actions above you
Below the ground I blow a pound and be excited as shit
It never occured to me gettin' pissed and mad at the world
Could be a criminal with hot hands and nines in his grip
Not blamin' pitiful cats for the lame excuse for the packin' of tools
Open you up like a surgeon occupation nigga

Maaaaaan you shouldn't give a fuck got some guns load 'em in the pick up truck
call ya' mans pick 'em up get the dutch
Spics and niggaz collide but where our mental is aimed?
Doing drive-by's in rentals with James
Or whatever his nickname is cuz when inhalin' smoke
Comin' down's like fuck it I'm never gon' get famous
For better livin' yeah and my patience is broke
It seems as if my better livin' goes away with the smoke

Relightin' the trees now I'm up in the class with grade A Hydro
Nobody's hyper than me man - I'm a survivor through this hard time of bein' off
And now I'm not and Clowd's more wanted than Osama
Can't balance too much stress and good ganja
Me extraordinary style misunderstood kind of - Chief somethin' nigga