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Artist: Culture VI
Album:  Elite
Song:   Poisoned Fetus
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A baby born from a crackhead and a father that lead
A lot of drug dealers known to pack lead
He grew instantly with the source of her misery
Moms and pops dimes and rocks took all there energy
Pops died over drug deals with the enemy
While moms OD'ed in front of her stressed her miserably
She smoked weed to get rid of the thoughts
Blinded by love the little girls' vision was lost
The weed lead to crack crack lead to needles
Needles lead to a life weak crippled and feeble
Now enriched with an evil way of livin' life proper
Found herself a man in a year that nigga's locked up
9 months he's out of the pen sober
Just to come home to see his wife surrounded by stems
He embraced her thinkin' that nothin' was wrong
And he got into the habit now corruptin' his dome
A teenage woman in relations with a grown man
So weak he couldn't take her matters in his own hands
It's so damn fucked up he couldn't get the message
And beat her daily when he found out that the chick was pregnant
They started stressin' for their fetus and their weak existence
Didn't say Gods' name in vein but put a needle in it
Soon enough they tried crack and started snortin' coke
Could've killed the kid but they smoked the abortion dough
9 months passed shit gets worse in an abandoned complex
Soon to be ruins of some old and badly damaged projects
With no heat on the stove they were frozen cold
Then he sees his woman pissin' when her fuckin' water broke
Then the contractions and her screamin' like her hole was snappin'
But a quarter and a dime ain't what he's known for havin'
Somebody heard the screams and helped them in this crazy world
Ten hours later mom and pops had a baby girl

Lovely little kid beautiful for sure contaminated
A crack baby so addicted badly elevated
Moms was killed durin' birth pops was devastated
He left the room more surprised than an exclamation
He left the hospital fiendin' yo' he gotta have it
Soon to be killed by a dealer just for robbin' stashes
The kids parentless there's only one option
Leave her up to D I F A S to put up for adoption
Now adopted the circle spins I hear the echo
To a family that lives away but near the ghetto
Girl was smart just an innocent kid
Who got nice awards for honor roll and citizenship
Missed perfect attendance because she was sick
Still thought about college she roughly was 6
7 years later she met a boy in her life
Movin' to fast the darkness steady poisons the light
Learned sex education got her first period
They should've watched her closely and took my words serious
3 years later she was still with the kid
Always high drinkin' liquor getting ill with the biz
And her old urge for crack was still in her ribs
Plus her boyfriend used he was killin' the shit
Goin' in abandoned buildings to sniff Jesus
They stop fuckin' when her friend didn't come and see her uh
She was then banished from the home that she was planned in
Then her man did the magic trick that nigga vanished
A pregnant single mother understood that shit was major
So she walked the streets sellin' ass to get the paper
Another crack baby born into some hard labor
Who mother was killed by a man who tried to rape her
It destroys dreams so avoid the weakness
It's fucked up when you resurrect a poisoned fetus