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Artist: Culture VI
Album:  Elite
Song:   Oh Shit!
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Do you wanna take it
To the club oh shit on the floor Cult VI
To the streets to the beats to the boards
To the peeps holla back I can't afford to be weak

We could be fightin' with fists bustin' ya' grill
You a hothead with no fever suckers ain't ill but nigga
Step into the field where the war is
Whores get it too pop 'em drop dead gorgeous
Dog apply that raw I'm stoppin' you chumps
I'll leave you like a stripper uh topless with pumps
This Clayton Powell boy who want it
50 paces out hit them butterflies in ya' stomach

Ayo we deep nothin' less than twenty two people
I'm street I rap for niggaz that shoot people
Frontin' like you gon' squeeze nah no ya' won't
You don't want it with the Bronx nah no ya' don't
You a phony ass fairy tale figure
I told ya'll you frail niggaz ain't worth blades on nail clippers
Heavy metal tech 9 in the small of my back
You can catch strays and they ain't dogs or cats

Ayo' my life's fucked up and easily yours can be too
Brutally awfully bruised in the morguery room
My mind hasn't been right for a couple reasons
With a liquor bottle in my mouth leakin' I got trouble speakin'

Check the double feature man

I'm the cat that you wouldn't wanna walk by
Type of like hoodlum with a cork eye
Crazy and can't help it the stress do it
or maybe, im just to lit, and that's it
Maaaaaaan, I'll smack a cat with a bat that was used by Babe Ruth
Grenade serenade boombastic

Who's baddest flew passed this metal detectors my tools plastic
Pistol whipped ride shotgun and you blasted
No manners stay misbehavin' I can't warn 'en cousin
No man's relatin to me cousin get torn up

Savior on the corner of ya' local Seven-11 wit black hoody
Black backpack attached to me
Which is equipped with a grip dual strapped black pad for an attack
Swing blades the size of a sting ray

[Bugzy Bogart]
SeSo M S N Strictly Live is

What is, Where is, Who is
SixXx is, R E U is
Hyst is, Clowd is, Bugz is
Yendi, Kas, and Jug is
Brolik, Poizun, Skeemo's
8th is, Radius, and Chyno's
NC-17 & T.D.S.
Oh Shit!

I practice magic to knock a planet off an axis
Swallow a solar system in my path like Galactus
War god with spiritual military tactics
Specialize in incinerating worlds to ashes
Life flashes before your eyes after slashes
To the jugular vein Juganot is kickin' asses
Rippin' out chunks like paychecks after taxes
Masochists get a hundred and 20 lashes
Til' backs are whipped scarred tissue and deep gashes
Cover 40% of ya' body like heat rashes
Better do meter dashes I got matches
And a metal tank with highly combustible gases

[Bugzy Bogart]
you lack the knack for lyrical combat

For back slaps I'm that nigga to contact

[Bugzy Bogart]
My team like fiends with numerous dope tracks

Comin' from Queens Shiesty Heights you know that

[Bugzy Bogart]
Or comin' from Brooklyn rockin' a Dodgers throwback
No hat we could scrap with knuckles unload Mac
11's, 10's or .9's Beretta's, Glocks, or Dillingers
Or chemical warfare Small Pox in cylinders
We could take it to the streets with knives, bats
But why scrap? We could just rap battle each other with wise cracks
I'm packin' either goin' out blastin' the iron
Or in the iron cuffs my wrists is wrapped in

On the real I'm sick of rappin' we pistol pack a tip quit the yappin'
Before these clips are clappin' and have ya' clique collapsin' mister
45 hop in ya' ride you'll prob'ly not survive
And put it down like fake criminals when the cops arrive
Man we often makin' a move biscuits and toast
Is what I hold and on that note I don't play with my food
This kids rude plus his crew is quick to blast at ya' dogs
And laugh at you fake fucks like Cinemax after dark

So we took ya'll people
To the club to the floor
To the streets to the beats to the boards
To the peeps hollar back I can't afford to be weak uh uh
uh uh and it's still
The Culture
The Culture
The Culture
It be the Culture