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Artist: Culture VI
Album:  Elite
Song:   The Legacy
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Hystwise you know sonnin' niggaz often
double dead one'll shove the gun into your coffin

Stoopin' ya' wave when I'm shockin' ya' brain
I'm over clouded elevated stay on top of the rain

PV that one kid man I talk shit and wreck well too
So sick people saying get well soon

If it's drama I'm a let the thing pop
Skeemo sling rocks like white kids with slingshots

R E the invincible smash chapters of past actors
So called starts please seek the principle

My sanity has always been in question
I never practiced the conventional ways of expression

SixXx be the man the myth answer this
Which cat can take SixXx out and his clique

The rap Elmer Fudd niggaz can't duck us
Nuckers Rads' one bad muh'fucker

I roll with sick niggaz with quick triggers my crew'll blast 'em
I done hit niggaz for six figures and you can ask 'em

I'm drunk when I drive I'm high when I rhyme
I ain't with that petty shit but we could do a real crime

[Bugzy Bogart]
I been spittin' in cyphers since ya'll kids shittin' in diapers
Hittin' the snipers VI is priceless my clique's the nicest