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Artist: Culture VI
Album:  Elite
Song:   I Still...
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Stressed and depressed it's true I can't hide it I tried it
My future's undecided aggression
You can see it in my facial expression
I try not to show it as much as I can
They say I got a problem drink like my old man
Just when I feel I can't I know I can
Be successful only find failure when I search
You see a brother smile not realizin' he hurts
Lookin' for direction Grandma suggestin' church
But I don't like mysteries and that's how the Lord works
At first I thought I'd be in college with the pig skin
Rap is a hobby then I fell in love with the pen
Normally nothin' bothers me death follows me
All I do is bob and weave life is a test
Failed again will I succeed yes
All I do is have to believe trees
Keep a brother calm though my sanity is gone
Look at the scars on my arm
People wanna know where they came from or what do they mean
It kind of looks like I had a fight with Wolverine
No dream the only thing I have is faith
I know it's more pleasant on that Pearly Gate
But wait hopefully I have a couple more years left
Then I'll man up and stand face to face with death

The chip on my shoulder's a boulder now
I'm older now my blood runs colder now

I ask why did they die and why am I cryin'?
Why am I tired of relyin' on rhymin'?
Me I've been worse than the persons I speak of
I'm cursed and I wreak of perversions a freak of
Nature I hate to be bitchin' complainin'
So I smoke alot of weed take a fifth to the brain and
Just let the pain inside of me fester
I've cried I confess but a side of me's messed up
See cryin' it hurts more than helps cuz in this case
The tears on my face symbolize I'm a disgrace
I've looked for a book or a God to believe in
I've reached and I've tried but inside I'm a weaklin'
I'm tired of seekin' a sign or an omen
I'm tired I'm broken tired of copin'
Tired of hopin' I make it I'll make it
Tired of chokin' I take it I've wasted
A whole lot of time and a whole lot of years
Smoked a whole lot of dimes drank a whole lot of beers
Not a whole lot of fear when it comes to my death or
My takin' of breath's just a break from the pressure
I ache and possess a threshold of pain
I've become this numbness inject Novocaine
I've searched for the answers I've searched for the truth
Man I've searched for the reasons I've searched for the proof

The chip on my shoulder's a boulder now
I'm older now my blood runs colder now

While I'm here I gotta work have eternity to rest
I learned Checkers never knew life was like Chess

Born precious livin' a life that's lifeless
And the pressure's diggin' a knife in my chest

The chip on my shoulder's a boulder now
I'm older now my blood runs colder now