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Artist: Culture VI
Album:  Elite
Song:   Fully Loaded
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First I write it and then I correct it then I recite it
Everybody's in rejoice delighted it
Must be the voice look around you can see all the excitement
Gotta verse for every beat you have loaded in that Triton
Iron like the lion of Zion strength of Hercules
And I want my pockets fat like those boys in Disorderlies
Looking for that natural chick India Arie
Puffing on that tropical shit no more black
It's about time somebody had to bring the green back
Less money in weed more consequences in crack fact
So I chose to get off of the block get onto this beat
Lay down a verse the adlibs'll make my song complete
I take time when I write my classics
Gettin' better every year like video game graphics nigga
Load the clip cock it back

Who in the room the monsoon comin' at high noon
A whale in the rap game ready the harpoon
Juganot takin' these fools back to school
Back smack adolescent cats back in the womb
Actin' a fool blazin' the haze with my crew
Til' my face turn blue and I'm higher than K2
Up in the club crunk and bumpin' dudes
Getting drunk throwin' bottles of booze and barstools
You get bruised quick with pool balls and cue sticks
Left jabs uppercuts and mule kicks
You in deep shit when I break out the tool kits
Ain't no secret you need your attitude fixed
So I pack the medicine clap at the menace
Toss out the weapon bounce with my men and them
Load the clip cock it back

Fuck the clique always act alone tote the gat for chaperone
Load the clip clap the chrome Watch the bullet crack ya' dome
Hollow points attack the zone twist ya' shit snap ya' bones
Brand new Ox out the box blow you like a saxophone
Niggaz buy they gats to own I'm not the type of nigga
Rather pop it in ya' liver then drop it in a river
You rockin' with a nigga that's not well
But dog I hold glocks well can't break dance but I pop well
Im the type that'll put it in ya' mouth like Ak-nel
Thinkin' I'm Italian cuz I'm servin' them hot shells

You can find me on the block hustlin' pot til' I got sales
I'm dirty like my underwears are stained and my sock smell
I cop ---