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Artist: Culture VI
Album:  Elite
Song:   Awaken
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[Bugzy Bogart]
There was a 187 in 718
That means a murder somebody made a mistake
It was simple get in and get out
And bring the shit back home before them niggaz ever figured it out
I sent SixXx in with six hit men
Said if ya' not out in ten minutes then send the rest of the clique in
No violence
Don't you know bad boys move in silence?
He nodded in agreement
But this nigga was born on the cement ghetto to the core
And I knew he'd only settle for war
When he handed
Skeemo a military rifle with a scope so strong that it could see planets
And he brandished
A glock that spit slugs the size of young children
Ignored me
Shot two of them niggaz in broad day
One died turned a robbery into a homicide
He called back the next day like

We had a little problem
The dude was talking shit when all I wanted was to rob 'em
But don't worry boss I got 'em

[Bugzy Bogart]
Just then PV walked in
Talkin' about how he
Overheard niggaz with SixXx talkin' about me
Sayin' how the clique would be better off without me
I doubt he would say that shit
This is a nigga I go way back with understand me?
But hand me the 9 in case I find out there problems in the family

Ayo Skee

What up?

Peep it I gotta speak quick
You better watch who you creep with
These niggaz be slick
This nigga Bugz talkin' 'bout you on some enemy shit


He said it right in front of me


But we's peoples
We could start C-VI the sequel

Yea yo' but what about PV?
The fuck'll he do
When he finds out we're schemin' on Bugz?

I'll get Jug to come see you tomorrow with bats grenades
And like all sorts of infa-red gats with lasers
Hacksaws swords and sabers
Black cord mask all black can't afford a favor
Pay what he weigh 357 Magnum
Slug to the stomach when he slump down grab 'em
And stash his fat ass in back of the wagon
Then meet me at suite 16 and leave [PV]
The keys to the S U V son it's easy
Call the cops to report the whip's hot and
Lock him up in a box to just rot in
I'll come up with his pops and get Cochran
To prop him up on the block invest stock in
Watchin' Bugz send Hyst to just drop in
To cop him the inside scoop

yo' what's poppin'?

Drop him and that leaves Bugz with 2 options
Run or run faster if not I'm through talkin'

Aint nada
SixXx really thought I was sleep
Like I ain't peep the gun when I saw 'em with Skeem but yo'
Let me hollar for a second
'Bout ya' lil' indiscretion and blantent little acts of aggression
Skeemo sit back don't test it
I brought you in
How you act all reckless? Thought we fam

C'mon man you know how we get down shit

How's that

I'll be damned if I skip town if

If what? PV got stopped and pulled over!
Locked up over a hot Rover it's over!
Jug took a bullet but he ain't dead
And Bugz got shot at but he ain't red
SixXx eyes turned panicky starts pacin' empty spaces
He'd think Bugz would be tryna blaze 'em!
He stepped out the room but son never made it
Cuz Bugzy B waited with Jug holdin' a fader - BLAOH
Skeemo ducks under the table
What? acquirin' the first target available

When I heard the shots from the car
These muh'fuckers made me drop the Henny I just copped from the bar
Glock out 'cause I drove sixxx to a gun fight
So I gripped the silencer handle and one knife
Looked up and saw PV his bail was like 3 G's
Somethin' I knew Bugzy was paying off easy
Plus he had the gauge in his hand
And was like I ain't beat for these frontin' niggaz playin' my mans
And he walked passed the ride but ain't peep game
So I looked out and popped P left him shakin' with a leaked brain
Then saw bugzy now approachin' the entrance
Holdin' a Smith And like this niggaz knowin' where SixXx is
SixXx opened the entrance and my own desire
Was to kill bugz when I saw him so I opened fire
Hit the wall both scattered Jugs had a broken wire
Totin' iron as he choked me swift I died slowly shit

I'm left only one gun a bullet and two fists
Screw SixXx and get ya' ship sunk for loose lips
I proved it when Jug got popped by Skee
Nigga P must've snitched to the cops I see
And Hyst killed Skeem only to be shot by me
Try'na focus what's all these red dots I see
Had to reach for the door with the 9 in my palm
Heard the cops siren sound alot like an alarm  Damn!