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Artist: Slip Capone & CPO
Album:  Murder Was The Case soundtrack
Song:   The Eulogy

Uhh, yeah
Do you wanna ride?

Verse 1: CPO aka Boss Hogg

Sippin yac, I blacks and the chronic fall
Flashback in on days of me and my Doggs
Said it shouldn't, wouldn't file when it was over but yet it still
started out, fools for real
Now this of course was back when we sorta lacked this
wit no paper or dealin with a phone
And I mean this broke shit was gettin old
cos we was in need of big clockin dollars
and was in need to clock a mound, uhh, beat em out
Situation became drastic and so therefore
we chose twin hos, some of those cum-on-their-lipstick tactics
Now low and behold, well I'll be goddamned
if the stack didn't increase ten-motherfuckin-fold
Must you cover that rolo again cos we was trippin
To stay up on top of things, the ???? life we was livin
Strictly business, we was in this to win it all
Didn't give a fuck if no others didn't love us, me and my Doggs

Chorus: Kurupt

Now this is how it's done like one two three
If the motherfuckers serve tryin to step to a G
Only got love for me and my Doggs
With Capone on a mission with that nigga Boss Hogg

Verse 2: Slip Capone

On a mission dippin down Imperial
The name's Capone but first let me inforward the scenario (yeah)
Creepin, holdin one wing to weaken
In a BMW, there they go, I see them (who?)
them fools across me when I first started off
with the kingpin Kurupt and a G named Boss Hogg
But now I got a stack of Columbian crack
I gots ta cook it in seven so a nigga can make his ends back
Prepare to murder if I have to and I had to
so I blasted the two in front and got the last few
No one escapes as Capone demonstrates power
and regulates the Westside's leading white powder
Separates the boys from the men, you see who's your true friend
and who ain't when you begin stackin ends
That's why I never love no one but myself
There ain't a nigga crossed me that lived to tell (BLAOW!)


Verse 3: CPO

Liten now *?who's a rather step would be?* (She gotta look when)
See we Kurupt, BG, who? What? (Simply not to be fucked with)
Best to be on your guard
We was stalkin the fuckin boulevard, really lord
But since it wadn't enough for the two-man crew
we disinobeyed em, contemplating on parlaying product in the revenue
Thought about it a minute then we concluded
We're been stupid as fuck not to get up in it
So we's like "Shit! We had to do it!"
Servin them cavi to make the cash flow, just to let em roll thru it
And so we gathered up the proper amounts
Bought ourselves a flight o' motherfuckin birds and me and my niggas sat
(To defeat the rest
so we shook the fuck up from the east to west)
Came up large and come out at ease
Niggas started recitin philosophies like 'True as a rainbow'
Yes y'all niggas was born into bawlin
since they was swimmin in Pop's balls
And all of a sudden I started noticin decreasin my grip fingers
And I'm like "What? Hold on, wait a minute"
Wassup nigga with this shortness of my green
He looked me in my face and said "Fuck, you think of me"
And right before my eyes the partnership dissolved
I sent him like he was a ho, showed him no love at all
He reached for his Glock but I was quicker BLAOW!
Used to be my homey but you's a dead motherfucker now
I'm ashamed but I say fuck it, the day I became the Boss Hogg
cos today I buried my Dogg

Outro: Capone

Check it
This just a quick reminder to let all y'all motherfuckers know
There ain't no friends in this game
Especially when you're dealin with half white and black hearted, cross
eyed, curly haired motherfuckers, knowI'msayin?
The name's Capone puttin it down with big CPO Boss Hogg
for a second to let all y'all motherfuckers know that it's a cold world
Niggas gotta supply they own hate, realise and analyse that shit ya did