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Artist: Cormega f/ Havoc
Album:  The Testament (also appears on Hustler/Rapper)
Song:   Angel Dust
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Yo, laid back like a fat buddha holding my pearl handle luger 
In a landcruiser rims shine like daytime in Bermuda
I rap tight smoother than niggaz who be fronting like parakeet movers
I had to be financially set new lex 
In front of my duplex my shine dripping wet
New nine's in case your group flex
My brown eyes leaving your boot stretched 
So bad you had to get a new rep vest
Cause I collect stats, my advice is to accept that
Step back blast dont even wet that, yo
It's mandatory, I'm self explanatory
Don't front on me shorty, your man's working for me

[Chorus: Havoc]
Aiyyo we move ki's
Angel dust son you get touched
Dress up get rushed
Stepping up or press luck
Cormega coming through, duck
Move slowly get bucked
Criminal minds get stitched up
Down to buy your watch or bitch up

Aiyyo this crime addict mind
My rhyme status shines like a nine 'matic
Yo I'm Scarface for real I wanna die blasting fuck stashing
My next 50 G's I'm buying me a five wagon
Thugged out leather interior, mega superior
My art of war deaded your area
My mugshot praised in jail cells and drug spots
My razor touched faces and cut rocks
Corrupt cop cases had me on semi vacation
In state dreams laid down weight schemes
with niggaz that get paid and take cream
Drug supplier, thugs admire
Ghetto dunn dunn gunfire deep mind none higher
Your drama equalizer
I speak the murder Keyser Soze, no survivors  

[Chorus] - 2X

Teach on threats, concepts I didn't speak on yet
Courts feared mentally severe to the ear       
Thug general, white lines for criminal minds to listen to
Chemical rhymes sparkle like a '62
Invincible foulness my style is trife like Rikers Isle get
Queensbridge projects is lounging on a cocaine mountain
Aiyyo Hav let the four pound spit, what!

[Chorus] - 2X